What should I eat?

Nicklas A.
Banana and egg is perfect meal for breakfast, it's nutritional with a balance of tea. Which positive gives nutrient the body need to grow healthy.

Sally Z.
That's a very wide question. What one should eat has to take into account the individual's needs and other subjective information. Generally however one should consume good fats, proteins, vegetables and fruits. Do this in quantities relevant to satisfaction and not to be full or stuffed.

Astrid U.
I enjoy an apple with a tiny bit of peanut butter, scrambled eggs with bacon bits on a low carb flour tortilla, egg over medium with a side of bacon and a slice of low carb bread. Hope this gives you some ideas.

Silvane Q.
A well balanced protein protein protein. I usually do eggs and toast with a protein shake. If your on the go, I recommend a thing of nuts and fruit. Adjust accordingly to your diet restrictions.

Loretta Q.
I eat vegan. Little to no processed foods, wholefoods are best. Balanced and nutritious to ensure I am giving my body (my temple) everything it needs to live and thrive not just survive.

Samir E.
You should eat whatever makes you happy and healty as well. You should try fruit with icecream and homemade lemonade. Ciao!

Ily S Z.
I would suggest banana with peanut butter or a good protein shake. I do the latter because eating anything heavy in the morning upsets my stomach so a protein shake is perfect for me. I feel energized, calm and can last longer without feeling hunger/sugar crash.

Jodi Y.
Well, it depends on what your body needs. I think all bodies need a good balance of leafy vegetables, tasty fruits, some protein (whether it’s plant based or animal products) and healthy fats (ex. Avocado or beans). I’d mix these things in one meal at a time till you eat a colorful plate at least 80% of the time. That should be a great way to start and build healthy eating habits.

Briana Y.
It depends! For breakfast you want to have a high complex carb high protein bfast. Eggs, fruit, and oatmeal are my fave. Lunch is usually a dark greens salad with salmon or tempeh.

Gregory Q.
Vegetarian or vegan! It's better for your body, for the planet and for the animals! Study about it. There are many benefits that come with a vegan diet. If you can't at least try to reduce meat and remove processed meat. Eat plenty of fruit. If you go with the vegetarian diet make sure to get enough B12 vitamin. Good Luck!