What to do with the routine when you work with different shifts every 3 days… morning, afternoon and overnight

Pheonyx I.
Morning is whenever I consider it morning when I’m waking into a new day. Then the afternoon routine I start with lunch. And the Nightime routine is when I’m going to bed. Time doesn’t really matter but having consistency in my day does. Hope that helps 🙂
Andrew P.
1) Create different routines for when your sleeptime is absolutely different, and element of the routine don't suit or fit your needs every time of day,
2) Not let partial differences in your workday decide your *entire* day and routines! Life is not a about work. What makes daily life, sleep and routines, work for you?
Angela F.
I would modify which portions of my normal workout I would do. Before work or after work will modify what routine you want. For morning (after work before bed) use a full body yoga stretch and strengthen. For morning (before work in afternoon), engage some form of light cardio (walk/power walk or play frisbee…etc.). For working out before 2nd shift, use a routine that revs you up physically for the work ahead of you. Simple, weight bearing exercises would perfectly fit the bill here. Good luck! Hope this might help with ideas.