Any breakfast recipes that aren’t cereal?

Ellie P.
If you want to avoid cereals, I suggest a foods that are known to be high energy and sources of protein. Eggs would be the first thing to come to mind, however, lean meats are also a go. Quinoa, while grain/cereal, is also a good substitute for protein if meat is something you also want to avoid. Avocados are an excellent source of omega-6 fatty acids. Leaffy greens can mixed with fruits and nuts would also be a great suggestion.

Michael Z.
Maybe an avocado toast with scrambled I know it sounds weird but it’s good and has good protein if your in a rush You can make a strawberry banana smoothie with almond milk and chia seeds it’s really good too

Rosano E.
My go to breakfast is a cup of plain greek yogurt with a cup of mixed berries and a small handful of almonds (10-12). Yummy and keeps me satisfied until lunch.

Joann E.
Egg in a Basket (~5 minutes):
With the open end of a shot glass, cut a hole in the middle of a slice of bread.
Melt butter (or margarine) in a pan and put the bread in the pan.
Crack an egg into the open hole in the bread.
Cook, turning once. If you like your egg hard-fried, cook longer.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

Abel S.
I have multiple breakfast ideas:
1. Eggs and organic bacon
2. Multigrain bread with avocado and organic tomatoes
3. Fruit salad
4. Capsicum cut and fried with an egg in the middle, along with organic beetroot and sweet potatoes stir fry.
5. An omelette with cooked lamb, egg, capsicum, pumpkin, organic herbs/spices and carrot.

Sophie I.
Egg whites with eggs and an apple, it's high in protein, low in sugar and a fruit that can be eaten in the morning or with a banana too…

El Sia Q.
Eggs and toast
Fruit salad
Peanut butter (home made) and jelly (preferably home made too) sandwich
Indian breakfast items like Poha, upma etc

Allen F.
Egg and oat pancakes.
60 gr of oat
1 egg
40 gr of milk
Mix all together with a fork and cook on the frying pan until it's ready. Serve with honey and berries or avacado and soft cheese.

Abigail E.
Roots like sweet potatoes, cassava, potatoes, with beens/peas/ and/or vegetables or can make a good breakfast without cereals…

For those who are not vegetarians they can add eggs or milk…

Benjamin Q.
Sweeten curd with honey, add lemon juice and a bit milk to make it smoother. Add cutter apple and banana and top with some wholegrain.

Bryan O.
I have been recently having an omelet made of two eggs, tomato or salsa, and occasionally cheese. I also like blueberries with oatmeal.

Ethan F.
Hardboiled eggs and fruit are a great breakfast. You can buy the eggs pre-boiled and the fruit cut up for you from the store if you are short on time

Florent Q.
There is a lot of other options besides cereal for breakfast. I enjoy scrambled eggs/omelets but if you are in a rush, a cup of yogurt with berries is always good. Another thing I like to make before school is English muffins with peanut butter and chia seeds. But, if you have to wake up early or just eaearly in general, I would bring a granola bar or bag of nuts to snack on before lunch. If you want a lighter breakfast or don't eat much, try blending a smoothie with frozen fruits, yogurt, water or milk, and a power food (like cashews, kale, or carrots). Overall, stay away from sugary drinks (like orange juice) and pancakes, waffles, bagels, etc…

Gauthier T.
Pachot eggs with smoked salmon, omelette with vegetables: corn, beans, carrot, granola with yogurt and banana, toast with guacamole/avocado with or without salmon. Those are the dishes I prefer apart from cereals.

Sara Z.
Cheese omelet with toast, cream of wheat and a side of sausage, scrambled eggs with a side of plantains, egg sandwich either with sliced boiled egg or fried.

Martha P.
I’m not always a big breakfast eater, so some of my ideas are very simple recipes. For example, this morning I had ham and grated Colby Jack cheese on toasted English muffin. Because that’s what I had on hand. I’m also a big fan of peanut butter toast and will sometimes even have a sandwich for breakfast that is normally considered a lunch sandwich. I try to make all my breakfasts high in protein and as low on sugar is possible.

Luca Y.
I love making a quiche because you can have it for a couple of days in a row and it’s super filling! I usually put tomatoes, spinach, and feta in mine! If I have any other extra veggies like peppers or broccoli I’ll sometimes throw those in as well! Chopped ham or bacon work well too!

Earl G.
If you want something soft to eat in breakfast, I suggest yogurt. You should put nuts, fruits, etc. in the yogurt, and it tastes amazing! It actually gives you a lot of energy, too!

Gavin Q.
Loads of options when you search “overnight-oats” on google. Or opt for homemade granola, with nuts and seeds. Oatmeal muffins are also delicious, easy for on-the-go as well

Alexia P.
Simple eggs and cheese and/or mashed avocado with taco seasoning over whole grain toast, or a grilled smoked turkey cheese sandwich. Basically, anything that is both savoury and filling.

Ethan F.
Yes! I love a green berry protein smoothie every morning for breakfast! I add greens (kale or spinach usually), some frozen berries, a protein powder, and a superfood/nutrient on top (usually chia seeds, flax, dates, turmeric, maca, hemp seeds) sooo delicious!

Victoria X.
Scrambled eggs with o'brian potatoes. Mix 2 medium eggs with salt,pepper and milk and cook on low medium heat until done. For the potatoes melt butter in medium high heat pan and add potatoes. cover and stir as needed.

Eli Y.
Try overnight oats! My basic recipe is 1/3 cup yogurt, 1/3 cup milk (or dairy alternative), 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1 tsp chia seeds. Leave it in the fridge overnight. You can add anything you like after that! Fruits, nuts, maple syrup, honey all work well. Adjust the basic recipe to your preference. It's full of fibre, protein and calcium!

Augusta U.
Toast with peanut butter or toast with avocado… you could also do celery with peanut butter if are avoiding bread. Eggs are quick and easy too!

Heinz Werner E.
My go-to breakfast combination, when not jumping on the 5min easy-to-pour-and-shovel-into-my-gob cereal train, is a nice cup of tea and a toasted thick sliced day(-or-two)-old sourdough bread. The choice of toppings varies but generous amount of butter is always used to "glue" them on. Lýsi (cod liver oil) is also essential.

Sasha S.
Porridge of different types, yoghurt, eggs (but I don’t eat them), granola, avocado with whole-wheat flour and sour dairy product and tuna and spinach and cream cheese and cucumbers and sesame and 💚

Clarisse S.
Eggs are always a good choice. You can add anything you want to a couple of eggs, beat it all together with a fork and call it a scramble! Veggies or chopped up bacon/sausage.

Stephanie J.
Toast with mashed avocado, sprinkle salt, pepper, and za’atar. Slice hard boiled egg on top. Sprinkle olive oil and za’atar to finish. Yummm

Bruce Z.
My favorite breakfast is 6% yogurt with granola. You can add fruit and honey too. But also, keep in mind that anything can be breakfast—you don’t have to stick to traditional breakfast foods like cereal or eggs.

Giorgio G.
Maybe try a frittata? It's an omelette but with potatoes in so feels substantial, tastes great (not super eggy) and keeps you full up for ages.
I usually fry a little Prosciutto in the pan with the pre-cooked potatoes (great for using leftovers) then add the egg/milk milk and fold in some spinach once its cooking.

Vivian X.
Smoothie bowls/nice cream bowls are a great choice. They’re healthy, easy to make, usually vegan, filling, and delicious!!!
My personal recipe:
-two bananas (one if you dont want a topping of banana)
-about one cup of frozen mango (or enough to make the nice cream taste like mango)
-chia seeds (optional [used as a topping])
Step 1: blend the mango and one banana in a food processor or use a tamper to mix it up.
Step 2: pour into a bowl.
Step 3: top!!!
Step 4: enjoy!!!!
Even as a person who doesn’t like fruit, I recommend smoothie bowls.
Also try a sunny side up egg or fried egg with avocado
Hope this helps!!

August W.
This is simple and goooood: 45g of granola (which ever kind you like) with 2dl natural yogurt (or flavored one your choice) and 100g blueberries 🙂 plus add 15-20g of plain or vanilla flavored hera-protein powder to get it more filling 🙂

Hanna U.
What I’ve been doing is making scrambled eggs in the microwave, it doesn’t take long and tastes fine. All you do is get a mug, spray it with non-stick cooking spray, add two eggs and some milk and stir, the same as if you were making scrambled eggs. Then add salt, pepper, and whatever other fillings you want, I do ham and cheese. Stir again, then heat it in the microwave until the eggs are fully cooked.