I’m struggling with having breakfast every day, I’m usually not hungry or in a hurry, any tips?

Hella X.
I will prep a 5 day breakfast…like bake a meat and cheese quiche and slice it into portions in my fridge. As well as small containers of yogurt or my latest desire baked oatmeal cut up into portions. It’s all about convenience for me. And maybe for you too.

Victor Z.
Is it your last meal after 7pm every night? If so, maybe that’s why you’re not so hungry in the morning. Try not to eat after a certain time, there are studies saying that fasting for 12h or more can be very beneficial to your health and helps on loosing weight. Tips for breakfast in a hurry: prepare yourself overnight oatmeal; have cut fruits ready to go; or prepare your morning sandwich the night before.

Samuel A.
Don’t feel bad about that or beat yourself up about it. Lots of people aren’t hungry in the morning it might just be your body isn’t ready first thing to eat but if it’s because you are running late then prepping the night before will help. I normally have a protein shake ready measured ( just needs water/milk) or fruit, yoghurt etc to to take with me.

If you aren’t hungry then make sure you have a light snack once your at work if you can, even a banana, apple or prepare yoghurt & berries. If this still isn’t for you, then you should look into intermittent fasting. People who don’t like breakfast usually find that approach helps.

I hope this helps!
Stay positive!

Sara A.
I eat when I get to my office rather than eating on the run.
My favorite lately is chia pudding that I meal prep at night. I mix Greek yogurt with almond milk, sprinkle in some chia seeds then pour all of that over some frozen fruit.
It’s sweet and filling enough to get me through until lunch.

Ricardo U.
Try something you can prepare the day before or eat on the go. You can portion it out the night before, like peanut butter and apples, or something like overnight oats in Tupperware.