How do you feel after strong coffee and sugry breakfast. Just after and within few hours later ?

Danielle E.
I feel great after a cup of coffee and a donut, I feel good for about two or three hours after that I usually have to go grab a soda and a snack to keep me going for the rest of the day cuz it doesn't last very long before I start getting worn out again
Julieta A.
Just after I feel calm. I always took my morning coffee and breakfast routine as a slow moment. Few hours later, it’s always energized, ready, full, mostly complete
Jamie E.
Immediately after a sugary breakfast and coffee I feel energized and excited, sometimes a bit guilty. Later in the morning I start to crash, feel sluggish and start to get hungry for lunch. That's when I typically swear off "bad breakfast"
Dean F.
Personally I do not care for coffee. It is too bitter and does not taste well. Also I do not think that coffee is a productive way to start my day. Having a sugary breakfast every once and a while i’d okay but not all the time. Healthy habits are good and help your body. I do not care personally for sugary things as they do not make me feel good about myself.
Herculana P.
i usually won’t finish my coffee and i don’t like eating a big breakfast in the morning but i feel good after and full and i stay pretty full till lunch or i need a snack in the afternoon
Siani O.
I don’t drink coffee that’s too strong; a latte or cappuccino perhaps to start the morning off as I feel newly energised afterwards.
I don’t eat sugary breakfasts as I tend to crash a few hours later therefore making me feel sluggish and lazy.
High protein breakfasts or a smoothie does the trick.
Vadym X.
Feels amazing. Without breakfast I feel weak and groggy. But with a strong breakfast and a cup of coffee I feel like I have energy for the whole day ahead.
Susanne S.
I often crash with high caffeine/sugar, so to compensate i drink tea instead and gives me a more mellow boost along with some fruit. This combo makes me avoid the crash and lends itself to a better experience overall
Debra O.
I mostly drink decaf coffee to avoid the caffeine headaches. However, if I drink more than one cup of regular coffee for several days I feel tired within a couple of hours and end up with a caffeine headache. The fastest way ticket rid of the headache is to have some caffeine. I end up on the coffee treadmill. So, I avoid it. If I start off with a sugary breakfast then I feel lightheaded and hungry within a couple of hours and I start snacking. If I have something sweet for breakfast I have some protein with it and have a small portion. If I am making something special, like muffins or pancakes, i try to use whole grains, fruit and less sugar to make them healthier.
Leanna Y.
I feel great just afterwards. Like over energized. But quickly after that I start to feel terrible. I start yawning and getting tired. I’m like a slug who can barely move.