What are some quick breakfast ideas?

Kimberly X.
Some of these will have allergens so if you have allergies be cautious!
Toast with peanut butter and sliced banana on top is a yummy filling breakfast!
I also love instant non-flavoured oatmeal with fruit and maybe nuts or chia seeds on top. Another super quick one is a nice healthy breakfast cereal, with a banana or other fruit on top. Enjoy!
Nathalie I.
My quickest go 2 is baking an egg with any kind of sandwich meat and putting this on a wrap. This only takes me 2 minutes to make and is an easy but big breakfast. And I normally blend a smoothy so I still do this. So my breakfast is a wrap with baked egg and meat and a smoothie
Emma C.
Some great breakfast ideas are:

eggs on toast, or pretty much egg anything as they are filled with protein! Yum! I like to add avocado too..

I also have been really loving quick yoghurt bowls, and sometimes I will mix it with a smoothie and it tastes delicious

Pedro O.
Well there are lots of great choices like breakfast roll ups and scrambled eggs the truth is there are plenty of other great things that you can eat for breakfast even some fresh fruits and yogurt is also a great quick breakfast idea
Azra O.
I stored in a glass jar a meal that in my country is called 'sataraš'. It is mix of paprika, onions, tomato etc. It is a jar of pure health and enjoyment. It reminds me of summer.