How can I stop drinking coffee?

Elaine B.
Start drinking plenty water and ensure you take your vitamins often as well as eating properly, this should have you energised removing the need for coffee.

Tobias X.
Every time you get a coffee craving, try and replace it with something else – like decaf tea, a smoothie, etc. Make sure to give away and stop buying coffee, and if there are coffee users in the house ask them to hide it somewhere you don't know about. Good luck !! ☕🚫

Karla Y.
Switch to another beverage, which can help you boost your energy, like green tea. It is health and gives you even more energy.

Benjamin Z.
Decrease your intake and include another tasty beverage. I started drinking tea in the morning and only coffee on occasion. After a week or two, I was able to stop drinking coffee.

Julia J.
I think you should try to drink a bit less caffeinated drink at first like black tea or something. After a while you can try to cut down on the tea as well.

Nguy N A.
Instead of using coffee as your energy source, replace it with healthier food such as fruits or nut snacks

Sleep early

Make it hard to make a cup of coffee

Try alternatives such as tea or just drink plain water

Sums F.
You've to tell yourself (your subconscious mind) that you don't drink too much. And make a image. Act like it. It will help you but keep that mind, things take time.

Michaela E.
If you're like me, when I suddenly tried stopping coffee I got bad headaches and fatigue from caffeine withdrawal. But I didn't want that dependence and I was also going to try a juice cleanse which meant I couldn't drink caffeine for 3 days. So weeks before the cleanse, I would decrease the amount of coffee I drank every morning and, instead of drinking it at the same time everyday, I would change the time I drank so my body learned to not expect it at a certain time everyday. I'm still working on going coffee free but so far it has been working well for me. Good luck!

Silke P.
Every morning I make a warm milk or just a cup of warm water instead of coffee and after a few days of doing it, I realized that my body stop wanting to drinking coffee.