When I`m so late for work and want to have breakfast, what would it be the quickest breakfast idea (not fruit or veggies)?

Dora P.
I usually buy some pastry on my way to work these times. But if this happens every day, yku should consider get up earlier to have a decent breakfast.
Russel S.
I love hard boiled eggs or cheese sticks as a quick protein option. The eggs you have to make ahead of time but it's super helpful. Just grab and go in the morning. I'll also do smoothies: peanut butter, chocolate almond milk, and bananas. SO delicious and quick! I'll add a dash of coffee at times to for a little extra kick.
Antonin Y.
Try and stock your fridge with smoothie bottles for times like this or make yourself overnight oats the night before by layering porridge, yogurt, fruits and nuts etc. You can make this in a jar that you can just take wih you and eat on the way!
Bessie R.
I keep a portable blender at work and ingredients to make a simple green smoothie in the office kitchen. Usually spinach, peanut butter, and almond milk to keep it simple. Alternatively I make egg cups the night before and just grab and go in the morning. Overnight oats are another great grab and go option, but u must prepare it the night before.
Dorota E.
I always have some yoghurt at hand, or wholemeal bread that I can throw in the toaster and then grab and go. If you have time the night before making overnight oats is something I really recommend – they’re super easy, tasty and portable
Alfred P.
Ensure shakes, granola/protein bars, squeezable yogurt or applesauce packets. It's always better to eat something rather than nothing.
Rasmus W.
I usually make some toast or bread with anything on top that I can find. Will eat it on my way to the train station. Works fine but it's still stressful. That's why I'm working on preparing something the night before to eat on the way for days I know where I will be late or will be stressful.
Gene N.
There are easy options like butter and toast, yogurt, and jam with pastries. But whenever time is too short to even stop moving, it’s always handy to have pre-made store bought food in the fridge. It’s not ideal but it’s better than going hungry in the morning if fruits and vegetables aren’t appealing. There are options like pancakes, waffles, english muffins (it’s a small sandwich with meat, eggs, and cheese). It would be even better to set your usual alarm the amount of time you would ideally like to have on hand to calmly prepare and eat your breakfast 🙂
Turgo Z.
Try to get some breakfast ready the night before? Like a sandwich bag. Or boil some eggs and have them with ketchup XD
Victoria B.
I keep a tub of cottage cheese and a box of instant oatmeal packets on hand so I can just grab the tub or grab an oatmeal packet and go. My office has a hot water dispenser and utensils, so that's typically all I have to bring. Yogurt cups are a good option, too, though you might get hungry sooner.
Silas Y.
I usually keep some Kind bars on hand for this reason. They're better than nothing and I can easily track them using the My Fitness Pal app.
Edouard E.
Apples or bananas, trailmix without chocolate/candy
Cl A Z.
Eggs are the quickest breakfast food. Throw in dome leftover chicken or meat, and maybe add some spinach and some cheeses, then eat your breakfast on the go
Jacob E.
, scrambled eggs on a whole wheat or whole grain toast is quick and easy. If you make hard-boiled eggs the day before and have them ready to go in the refrigerator that is great as well. Also oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder in it is also good and add some cinnamon.
Emma F.
Personally i prefer a protein shake (non diary milk such as almond or coconut- careful with the the sweetened ones though) that is ready within 2 minand you caneven drink it to work or at work if you are really in a rush
Paloma Z.
Yogurt, bagel and cream cheese, pre made egg wrap or muffin cup, overnight oats, crockpot oatmeal, baby belle cheese, granola bar.
Julia Z.
I boil a dozen eggs at a time and that way I always have an easy grab for a breakfast. I also buy red delicious apples by the half dozen and keep them handy for a grab and go! Good luck! Hope this helps!
Faustine P.
Not fruit or veggies? Why Not? Fruit and veggies have been proven to be beneficial in terms of human health so I would ask to reconsider if possible. But if not, there are many options. There are delicious plant based protein bars you can grab. There's always peanut butter and a spoon. Nuts. Seeds. Bagels. Plant based protein shakes. Etc. Hope that helps
Mason P.
Make hard boiled eggs when you have time. These are something you can grab and eat on the run that are still really good for you.
Asta Z.
One slice toast + butter and 1 egg microwave (45 seconds) with 1 slice of ham in small pieces inside a cup with the egg.
1 cup of instant coffee with water with a slice of lemon.
Rika E.
Two hard boiled eggs and pre cooked turkey sausage. Cook and peel the eggs on
links or patties. On Sunday, cook and store eggs in the fridge. Microwave both turkey sausage and eggs for 30 seconds. Hot protein breakfast you can eat while driving to work.
Lori E.
Toast or bread, because you can just spread random things on there and it is quick and not to even mention how healthy it can be according to what you put on it.
Jeremiah J.
Mixed almonds and cranberrys and a stick of prepackaged cheese like Sargento or string. You could even buy bulk almond and cranberries and mix them in sandwich bags the night before to save money.
Ambr Sio F.
The quickest breakfast would be something pre-made although then you are sacrificing a nutritious breakfast for a convenient one. Cereal is quick. Toast is quick – if you add a nut spread you can boost your protein. Plain yoghurt with museli is quick and could be portioned out the night before to "grab & go".