Is it better in the morning to eat breakfast or just drink a smoothie?

Clara P.
It depends on what's in the smoothie. If it's processes and full of sugar then it is not good for breakfast. But if it's made from scratch and fled with greens, berries, protein, and healthy ingredients, then it's great for breakfast.

Laila Q.
It depends on what i have planned ahead. If a training and other physical activities I would go with breakfast. If only day with homework, I can try with smoothy

Camila O.
Isn’t better the breakfast in the morning be because you’ve eat eat in the morning then you not gonna hungry hungry leatar

Fagun N.
Hello, for me I personally prefer to eat solid food because in the morning I’m super hungry and unlike a lot of people, I can eat in the morning. Otherwise I can’t function properly. So know your body and what it asks for. If you can’t eat solid food right after you wakeup, a good smoothie is good too. Make sure to include some fiber in it to keep you full for long. Hope this helps.

Louis O.
I think it’s better to eat breakfast. I don’t really like smoothies, they taste weird. Also you limit yourself to fruits and veggies. With breakfast you can have practically anything.

Gerhard T.
While a smoothie can be delicious and can be enjoyed "on the go", easy if prepped in advance too, I find blender noise too loud in the morning. If I sit and enjoy a meal it is more enjoyable and appreciated, keeping the next hunger at bay longer.

Abha N.
No, I don’t. Personally, I think that eating a bowl full of fruits and drinking a smoothie are the same. It might be better to eat some eggs and toast, along with having a smoothie to kickstart your day!

Norman T.
I am no expert but I think it depends. For some people it's too hard to eat in the morning so a smoothie is preferable. Although if you don't have such problems I think it would be better to eat full breakfast because you won't feel hungry till your next meal! Take care <3

Mel N.
I think it all depends on your body. Sometimes people’s bodies need both, some need food, and some prefer the smoothie. I would say a breakfast filled with protein and nutrients would be best for the body.