What’s a make ahead breakfast that doesn’t have to be refrigerated?

Tammy Lynch
Peanut butter sandwich
Boiled egg (1 day)

Ilonka Berner
An oven baked homemade pan of oatmeal style bars would be a good one. And muffins made with steel cut or rolled oats would be another good one. Sprouted Buckwheat groats make a good hearty breakfast bar with raisins and cinnamon. Just search the internet for healthy breakfast bar recipes. Best of luck!

Charlene Nichols
I have no time in the morning, so a piece of fruit and 12 almonds is a quick grab and go… And I can keep it on the counter 🙂

Tobias Grünewald
A make ahead breakfast that doesn’t have to be refrigerated is tough. I suggest you grab an apple or an energy bar on your way out the door in the morning. 🙂