What if you aren’t truly hungry when you wake up, should you force yourself to eat breakfast?

Pareen A.
No, you should not force yourself to eat breakfast if you're not hungry but after the fasting that we do overnight, our body does need some energy to keep us active and function properly for the day so if you are not hungry, try to have a little snack like dry fruits or a fruit. May be once you start doing this, your body gets adjusted to eating something little in the morning and you might start feeling hungry in the morning after a few weeks. Just give yourself a little snack for a few weeks and see if it helps.
Mathias Z.
Hay, you shouldn't force you eat a lot in the morning. You can eat simpler food, a fruit, an iaurt, something you like. You cand also eat a combo with peanuts! Eat and drink water in the morning and you will feel better all day long! Fruits and smiles are my favorit breakfasts
Ella W.
Yes, I think it’s very important to eat a great breakfast because breakfast is the key to energy for the day. If you don’t eat breakfast, you will notice that you will be more tired, so always eat breakfast!
Marty N.
I think you shouldn’t. You may do some stretching or a small walk in the open air instead: it may increase your appetite and you could eat after.
Gan F.
I believe the answer will be yes. Just take something light if you are not hungry. First to keep it as a habit and at the same time and second, to stimulate your body to kick start the day.
Mariam N.
You shouldn’t force yourself to eat if not hungry but possibly having smaller portions so that you are getting a hearty, healthy breakfast is a good way to start the day. Personally, when I feel that way I have a glass of water with lemon and/or tea.
Victoria S.
I don't. I usually do intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast. The cortisol levels are really high the first 3 hours after waking up, and one should avoid eating during this timeframe.
Curtis X.
Maybe try to eat something that you really like! For example a piece of bread with chocolate on top, or with an egg and some guacamole if you prefer something salty! Don't force yourself too much, just try with a little bit of something and you'll see that things will get better!❤️
V Lmar A.
No!I think if I forced to myself to eat early breakfast without hungry,it wouldn't have any better day. So I ate when I was hungry.
Angie J.
No if you are not hungry when you wake up then don't force yourself to eat but instead maybe do a workout or journal for 30 mins and after that if your still not hungry then you should try to eat at least one thing even if its one piece of fruit. It will make you feel so much better the rest of the day.