I’m on the keto diet, any other options for quick breakfast?

Emma X.
No!! Isn’t that awful? I will reply though because communication is part of this process. When I was a young woman in junior high and high school, Up at 6:00 a.m. often out of the house by 7 something a.m. My mother who was a morning person unlike me…would prepare breakfast for my sister and I every day, even though we rarely ate it!!! And really, who an eat sooo early. That is a whole other story that I think effects our schools too. Neverthelesss…at some point my mother’s effort paid off and I have always enjoyed a healthy not quick breakfast ever since. Even when it includes a Smoothie!!! Also, unless you have a significant weight issue…I don’t really see a need to maintain a Keto diet for all time. In my life’s experience which includes diabetes…a wide variety of food choices in a diet is best, and portion control is wisest. A nutritionist gave me a simple formula of proteins and carbs per calories to lose weight,, which I can’t maintain but….it has helped me maintain a comfortable weight for my age. Keep it simple, keep it colorful, flavorful and nicely proportioned. Oh and don’t be afraid of healthy fats and rediscover what those are in 2020!!!
David J.
Fat is your friend. Yogurt is helpful, eggs, bacon, quiches, breakfast bowls. Look at Pinterest for tons of on the go ideas.
Mat O Z.
I’m not sure exactly the rules for the keto diet, but I think I full yogurt parfait would be a great choice! Yogurt of your choosing, fruits of all kinds (my personal favorite is strawberries, raspberries, bananas and kiwi), granola of any/all kinds, and to top it off, chia seeds. A little odd, but great for you! I hope this helps!!
Claudius S.
I eat the same breakfast every weekday morning which is either omelette or 2 boiled eggs with an apple to save time and not worth about what to eat everyday.
Latiffa G.
Maybe a smoothie? Yogurt Parfait, frittata, roasted veggies! There are lots of Chafffle recipes and they are easy to make in bulk and have some in freezer you can toast and go.
Tiffany P.
I looked up keto diet breakfasts / food options on google and I saw many come up! With any diet I suggest the practice of looking into your fridge and trying to combine foods to make something new and creative. It takes practice but it makes your overall cooking life much easier and saves trips to the grocery store
Anne Z.
I honestly not sure. I would look at cooking websites online and see their ingredients. Then you can decipher if you want to eat what u make
Anthony O.
Absolutely! Try hard boiling eggs on Sunday, a whole cartons worth. You can eat two per morning with a banana and scoop of peanut butter, should stick well with keto! I’m no expert but I have a friend who was doing it. Hope that helps!