Do you always drink coffee at morning?

Sel Sio S.
Nope, but I don't drink coffee in general. If I really need caffeine in the morning I'll take a 50-100mg caffeine tablet, but I like to do it with food not on an empty stomach. That way the energy I get from the food lines up with when the caffeine kicks in
Terry Q.
I never drink coffee in the morning. Primarily because I don't really like it, but also because of it's side effects and addiction risks.
Annie F.
I usually have periods when I don’t feel like drinking coffee in the morning, I drink fresh ginger tea instead with honey and lemon.
Billy F.
I don’t drink coffee anymore. I stopped a few months ago and I feel great about not having to rely on it. I drink water in the mornings now and I feel great.
Allie J.
I was a heavy coffee drinker, I quit morning coffees a few weeks back, it left me with a headache for about 3 days in a row, during which I binged coffee alternatives: barley drinks or chicory drinks which I bought from H&B or dolphin fitness. After that the need for it was gone, I alternate between coffee replacement and fresh green tea, and allow myself to have the occasional coffee outside with friends, and I'm doing great! Good luck!
Everett U.
No ill either have tea or coffee but I have noticed I'm more tired during the day if I haven't had a coffee in the morning 😂
Stella U.
Everyday! But not only at breakfast… I drink coffee in the middle of the morning, after have much, afternoon, evening and night….
Allison J.
I do. Coffee at any other time provides later lasting caffiene effects making for poor sleep quality, anxiety and agitation. One should stick to tea though instead of starting to drink coffee at 31
Chloe W.
No, I don't, I tend to try and drink tea. Black or green tea are my favourites. In summer, however making a smoothie is always a fun, healthy alternative!
Luka S.
Not always. I’m more of a tea person. Now that I drink more water and have water as soon as I wake, I don’t feel like I need caffeine so much.
Rachel N.
Not every morning – it depends on my mood, if it’s cold outside, if I’m tired, and if I just want coffee or not to be honest
Kyaw X.
Sometimes. If I arrive work early, I used to drink coffee there. However, I might skip coffee if I have a heavy breakfast.
Karel O.
No, I rarely do. That’s because research has shown that your body gets used to the caffeine, which means that the effect decreases over time. So to feel all powered up, you would need more than one cup after a while.
That’s why I try to not make it a habit, and only drink coffee when I really need it. On those days, it will help, because my body isn’t used to it.
Isabella C.
No I don't. I stopped drinking caffeine over a year ago, and started weaning my self off of coffee over two years ago. I really didn't want to – I was experiencing digestive problems that forced me to. But now that I'm off caffeine I really enjoy it. I love coffee as a drink but I find that my life without caffeine is much more stable and even – no spikes and valleys in energy or anxiety. And I don't find it difficult to get through a long work day as long as I manage my hydration and blood sugar levels!
Malo T.
Yes. It is part of my breakfast routine. I used to do light roast with cream and sweetener but suddenly one day my taste changed overnight and now I like dark roast with cream and no sweetener. Weird.
Elia O.
If I drink it either drink it in the morning or in the afternoon, but I only have it a few times a week to watch the sugar in-take
Shanique J.
I never drink morning coffee. Instead I drink water. Although i can’t be considered the most heaviest person ever. Coffee hurts my chest, therefore it isn’t an opinion for me as it is for others
Marius E.
Yes but not straight away. I generally wait until mid morning before my first coffee. I'll have water and then a tea when I wake.
El A U.
No, I actually don't drink coffee at all right now. Caffeine tends to give me heart palpitations and also dehydrates me.
Hans W.
No, I found I only really need the liquid volume in the morning to feel more awake. It can be anything water, coffee, tea
S L Ne Z.
Yes I do. I drink coffee throughout my mornings, along with some MCT oil to keep me energized and my body fueled up. Kids are exhausting, so I need as much help as I can get in the mornings!!
Candice S.
Yes. I like coffee and research says it’s good for you. It’s good to have that to reach for instead of juice or something less healthy. Helps with intermittent fasting also.
Taylor F.
If you feel super tired and need coffee to concentrate and give you energy then yes I do every day. Otherwise if I'm alert anyway I just drink tea.
Jennifer T.
I rarely drink coffee. In the last month I have drank it a few times in the morning with heavy cream in it. I am more of a tea drinker as I find the coffee flavor unappealing.
Naomi E.
Yes i do, but not on empty stomach, usually an hour – an hour and half after my breakfast. I try to drink only one cup per day, 2 on stressful days. I avoid coffee on the weekends and stick with tea.
Charlotte Z.
Absolutely, without fail, I always have a coffee in the morning. I stay on the healthier side of it by not having any sugar and only a dash of milk. Having to get up at 3:30am every morning, coffee makes life a whole lot easier 😉
Mathias N.
No. I only drink coffee when I stop to get some, which I don't need to do, and it's a waste of money/unhealthy. I've been recently trying to drink more tea. Much better for you, and easier on my tummy.