I hate eggs. What should I eat other than apples and nuts?

Thuc N.
Oatmeals is really easy to make and fast to eat. You won't skip meal because you have a ready fast full nutritional meal option already.

Johana O.
You can eat some yogurts you like, or some protein And healthy cookies (BeBe,Müsli….), Or just Banana, peach, blueberries, blackberries…..

Chanel N.
Many people don’t like eggs, it doesn’t matter. If your looking for more ways to get protein in then avocado 🥑 is a good way to get good fats in. However if your looking for more healthy things to eat there are many options. Such as: any fruit, any veg, nakd bars, crackers, protein bars, dried fruit. Those are just some ideas but you can look for some more on Pinterest. You can also look at healthy meal ideas. If you have a sweet tooth there are many recipes that you can make that are healthy but still taste like the dessert even though they have no sugar in them.

Elliot P.
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Addyson P.
I enjoy some sausage or oatmeal accompanied by my fruit (or nuts, whatever you choose) in the morning. They both give me a bit more energy and fill me up more than just simply eating a bowl of fruit/nuts.

Araksi T.
You should add something that has more protein and less fat. I guess chicken breast is a good idea. Also add some other fruits with peanut butter (if I remember correctly), or add some gluten-free products.

Blanche E.
If you're looking for breakfast foods, I highly reccommend overnight chia pudding with oatmilk, berries, and granola! I also love eating hasbrowns with roasted or pan fried veggies and fieldroast veggie sausage! Another great breakfast option is avacado toast with some sliced tomato and a bit of salt and pepper!

Eli V.
I hated eggs at first but heard it's really good for you I usually have chicken salad to keep me going not big fan of apples tho but I love bananas

Maddie Q.
Eggs are a good source of protein, though if you can’t eat them due to personal or religious reasons, there are other ways of getting in daily protein. One way is eating meat, poultry and fish are especially good. I prefer red meat from beef though. If you are a vegetarian you can go with a diet of fruit, veggies, nuts, and dairy. There are many smoothie recipes out there, and so many delicious meals that don’t require meat. Though if you are vegan or lactose intolerant, soy protein

Sina Q.
For me outmeal is the answer, especially the overnight ones. It is superbly satisfying to to wake up in morning to what you prepared last night. It's like a gift that you gave yourself. Have a fabulous morning.

Atarah N.
A few days ago I found a website where they make baked oats and other breakfast food. They also have a lot of lunch and diner recipes.

Alexia N.
another option is to find recipes for delicious smoothies and add something like avacado which doesn’t have much taste and bend it with other yummy fruits and your apples and perhaps oats as well, aslo try and fit at least some sort of fish in your diet if you can <33

Amanda T.
You can eat anything that you want to eat other than eggs! Are you on an egg apple and nut diet? Are you vegetarian? Are you trying to ask what you could eat for protein? I don't know the question is weird but I hope that you find something wonderful that you can eat other than eggs!

Karin E.
My sister hates Eggs to so she eats Oatmeal with milk and a little bit of honey on them and she says it’s delicious I’ve tried this also and it’s pretty good I’ve been using it instead of egg to be honest ‏ and if you don’t like milk it’s fine because you’re not gonna really be Tasteing the milk cuz it’s mixed with honey but if you tried it and didn’t like it another option would be

Marsha N.
Have a Veggie salad with mostly leaves and a few pieces of other vegetables that you like. Leaves have protein and protein is good for your body.

Debbie J.
lentils, beans, whole grains (boiled grains, good bread, roti, etc.), vegetables (raw or cooked), other fruits (bananas, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, cherries, mangoes, peaches, plums, oranges, and others I did not think of right now). Just pick something from one or more of those categories and mix and match as you desire. Add herbs and spices too depending on what you prepare. My breakfast usually consists of a type of lentil dal (there are many types) with roti pieces mixed in, along with a bowl of salad that contains raw veggies and fruits (I just pick whatever out of what I have) with some of the dal and roti mixed in. You can top it off with seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, hemp, flax, chia) and maybe a bit of dried fruit (raisins, apricots, cranberries). To spend much less time preparing food, you can prepare enough of whatever you prepare to last a few days and put the extra in the fridge (or freezer if you prepare a ton; just do not do too much). That is what I do with my salad.

Lou E.
I skipped the eggs as well. I like to have oatmeal in the morning because the complex carbs work slowly to help with energy throughout the day and it’s very filling. I like to buy the big cylinders of oats and cook them with almond or soy milk. For extra protein you can add chia or flax seeds. Then you can add the fruit into it for some sweetness and maybe even some maple syrup if you’re not opposed to a little extra sugar.

Kimberly J.
Fruit smoothies are great! You can put fruit in containers to prep them until the morning when you blend with water or nut milk

Rachael E.
Have quinoa it is rich in protein.Try eating cottage cheese and yogurt but homemade. If you're lactose intolerance then have tofu. You can eat Poha, idli and Dosa which and way more healthy.

Deviputri F.
If you cant eat apples or nuts you can go for other fruits which you like banana,watermelon,kiwi etc and you can eat more than one fruit to get all the minerals of apples

Chloe O.
Maybe try to eat some pancakes or waffles with a fruit that you like and some yogurt. I like to have a big breakfast as it makes me feel more refreshed and fueled for the day

Jennifer N.
Lately I’ve been really into fruit pouches, you know the baby ones. Also pears have the same consistency as apples and are a very safe food! Granola is a good crunchy snack, dark chocolate, seeds like pumpkin and sunflower. Grapes are fine, they’re also good frozen. Hope this helps!

Ann C.
I try little things like some avocado on toast with some spices or some granola, things that are easy and don’t take much time but are still filling. If I have more time, I try and get a bit more adventurous, I found the app Mealime to be helpful for recipe ideas, however these tend to take a bit longer. I think it’s important to eat a breakfast that appeals to our needs, for me it’s simple but tasty.

Αντιγόνη Μακρή N.
Try adding new recipes and flavours to your everyday life. Try some things such as greek yoghurt, berries, granola, different kinds of cheese…you can also mix and match! One of my favourites is low fat yoghurt with raspberries/blueberries/mango, oat/granola/cereal and honey. Since you do not like omelette, you can try making some savoury pancakes or waffles or muffins.

Sanvi C.
try raisins, milk, and different fruits such as bananas, grapes, and peaches! also, try to walnuts and greens! hope this helps!

Otha Q.
Yogurt and Granola make a great breakfast and there are low carb and low calorie options of yogurt if you are restricting your calories. Fruit in general not just apples is a great option as well especially if you’re on the go. Most super markets have great bowls of fresh mixed fruit that you could have on the go on a busy day.

Eleonore F.
There are lots of high protein snacks you could try. Maybe hummus with vegetables, roasted tofu, or roasted vegetables are more up your alley.

Alex O.
Are you cutting down on carbs? If not I would recommend toast, you can put a bunch of different things on it and it's always good, to have proteins and good fats you can put sliced avocado on that fker, you can also try toast with olive oil, sliced tomato and salt, yum, I know one friend of mine would eat fish eggs spread over toast (if you aren't against all eggs) although expensive, they have the highest value protein and other vitamins that are important 😁

Zuza N.
Instead of eggs you can eat dairy for example cottage cheese, yoghurt. Or you can eat porridge with fruits and add some healthy seeds such as chia seed, linseed. You can also use tofu for your sandwich. I hope I helped, good luck with your journey!

Tiago N.
I like porridge…I usually make it with oat and milk and then you can add whatever you want… chocolate, fruit on the top

Marrissa J.
You could eat any kinda of fruit like oranges, pears, peaches, grapes or even strawberries. And you could substitute the nuts with oatmeal or toast.

Sara P.
Oatmeal is a good replacement, so are grits if you don’t like oatmeal. I like parmigian cheese and bacon in my grits which add needed salt and additional protein. Hope this helps!

Fab Ola P.
Nonfat plain greek yogurt with your fav toppings. Try sweetening with maple syrup or raw honey, which are mineral dense healthy sugar substitutes.

I like granola, raw honey, and blueberries in mine. This combination is a low calorie protein packed meal also designed to boost, protect, and create higher levels of collagen.