How do you remember to do it

Andreas C.
Don't put it off. As soon as the little reminder on my phone is heard I stop and go do whatever I promised myself I would do. If you think to yourself that you will do it later, you will forget and make excuses. Set reminders be prepared and keep a picture in your mind of what you hope to achieve by the end.
Kristall F.
That’s a very good question. I am a person that works very well off lists, so I detail every part of my morning/afternoon/evening in my routines. This may sound intimidating, but I think it works. Set a time for your goal every day. It should be the same time every day. Once you’re finished with your goals, give yourself a little treat. It could be 10 minutes of TV or piece of chocolate or something. Just so you associate the feeling of pleasure with your goals. I hope this helps!
Jalen Z.
Well, for me the way that I remember to do things is taking advantage of the alarm settings on here but also making the process fun. When it comes to drinking water in the morning, just set the bottle by your nightstand the night before you sleep. When you wake up it's there! When you want to eat a good breakfast consistently, try eating good foods but your favorite foods and going shopping for them every Sunday so you're prepared for the week. As humans we're not perfect, but when you don't make it seem like a chore you're more likely to get whatever it is you set your mind to done. Pace yourself but take action step by step.
Sofi X.
Being the first thing to do in the morning makes that easier. I see it as if I get it into routine to do it in the morning and get that good feeling going it will make it easier to remember it later if I one day oversleep or have to get up way to early (so i dont get enough with sleep).
Sami S.
I remember to drink my morning cup with water with the thirst from the whole night. I always eat breakfast in the morning, so that has been a habit. Studying and reading are somethings my mom told me to do, 4 hours, she said. Drawing is occasional. Reading at night helps me relax from the stress I've had all day before bed. Showering, well, sometimes, I just need a reminder.
Christoffer W.
It’s hard, especially at first. What I found works best is if I plan and prep for what I’m going to do the night before so it’s the last thing on my brain before I fall asleep. I set out what I’ll need so that it’s even easier to do and I have fewer excuses when it comes time. I set an alarm for myself to remind me as well. After that, it’s just pushing through the thoughts that say “it can wait” or “5 more minutes.” Some days are worse than others but if I can push past that, I end up feeling really good about myself which is what motivates me to do it again.
Reinhilde Z.
It's hard especially when your constantly busy, but with the great reminders and easy challenges the app helps you to remember, stay focused, and create new and healthier habits. For example the water challenge if you take a glass or bottle of water to bed with you and place it in plain sight so when you wake up in the morning the first thing you see is your water, you drink your water and check it off on the app and go on about your day. Good luck
Dan P.
At the end of all this habit tracking it's supposed to make the good habits feel like second nature. Maybe you want to drink more water and make that a habit. So if you already have a habit of going to the toilet in the morning as soon as you wake up, you could drink water afterwards. You always have a habit of going to the toilet in the morning so always tell yourself everytime you go to the toilet to drink some water straight afterwards. Remind yourself, change your environment to make sure it will happen. Make some water the night before and have it next to your bedside. Put a notification on your phone. That's how you remember.
Nora G.
For the moment, there aren't many to remember and to be honest I was already drinking water first thing in the morning and eating breakfast. Although, I was eating waffles, nutella on bread, pancakes. Now I'm trying to eat 1 or 2 vegetables or fruits with an egg or oats. Repeating the same things every day will become a routine. You won't have to remember anything, it will come naturally.
Leon Dio P.
To remember to drink I put my bottle next to the bed.
To do yoga I put my mat in sight. I've always taken breakfast in the morning so I don't need any reminder for that.
Meinhard A.
I just write reminders and ofcourse the app helps to. I tell myself that starting my day off calmly is better than just jumping out of bed and go straight to work/class. I enjoy having time for myself in the morning where it’s quiet with ambient music in the background and I don’t feel rushed because I overslept.
Elijah O.
It basically depends on the task or the habit. Sometimes an alarm or a notification is all you need to push you through your task. Having a place for writing and keeping your scheduled stuff has also helped me a lot, like notes, Fabulous app itself.
Colleen P.
It’s actually not easy. I made a commitment to learn new habits and become a better version of myself. I keep reminding myself it’s in the small steps. Just one more checkbox. One more new habit to a better self.
Eni T.
I just try to remember. When I saw the notification on the phone, I told myself that do it and change to have a better life
Eric L.
It's just easier then it might seem to be, however personally me, I didn't think it would be hard as I knew I can complete this task which might turn to a great habit. What is important to be prepared in the evening. Good luck!
Elliot E.
By constantly reminding myself that I want to be better and do better. Set alarms. Set reminders on your phone, laptop or tablet , whichever you use most. Make cute notes with Post Its. Motivate yourself. Allow others to be apart of your journey so they can both motivate and remind you. And even if you don’t do it on time , do it still because it will serve as a reinforcer. And never be hard on yourself. You’re doing amazing sweetie 😘❤️ – Imanni R
Rebeka F.
Well I reflect on myslef and think who am I doing this for and I always answer "I am doing this for myslef. For my health and no one else but me" and well after a while I'm just used to doing those things
Yilmaz F.
To remember to do your task you have to want to do it. If you don’t care then it probably won’t get done and you’ll forget. To help remember try setting out what you have to do the night before or write a note to yourself
Ira O.
Find a way to make yourself remember. Place an object around that will remind you. Set an alarm for it. Write it down on a white board. Find a way to make the thought of what you have to do a real object you can look at