What are some healthy breakfasts you can make ahead/meal prep and then take with you on the go?

Pau E.
Onigiris, or you could put together a great salad, I usually cut all the ingredientes at night and then mix them all in the morning. If that is too much or you are looking for something you can prep on Sunday and then leave it… I would say to make some chia puddings and freeze them, then you just take them out a night before and in the morning grab and go.
Wolfram Q.
You could make chia pudding the night before. You can find a simple recipe online. It’s easy fast and healthy. You can make it in a jar and bring that on the go. I hope that was helpful!
Colton S.
You can grab an oat and honey breakfast bar type of thing you could make hard boiled eggs and ear them on the way to work or school, another thing you could do is apples and peanut butter preferably creamy but chunky also works. Hope this helps
Fationa P.
a great breakfast is one that’s delicious, nutritious and gives you the energy you need in order to go on with your day.
Sandra Q.
Smoothie met vers fruit en kwark. Of beter een bakje kwark met vers fruit gesneden.
Waarom liever gesneden fruit? volume lijkt groter waardoor je denk voller te zitten. 🙂

Avond te voren bevroren brood beleggen en zakje in koelkast beaten – neem je het zo mee.

Of vooruitwerken: een heel brood beleggen en weer terugdoen in zak in vriezer.