Do you have eggs with your breakfast?

Patience N.
sometimes i have eggs with my breakfast or as my breakfast, i don’t quite frankly eat breakfast but i ate eggs this morning for breakfast.

Amauri Q.
Not typically, no. But eggs are a good source of protein, so if possible, I do recommend them. Personally, I only like boiled eggs, won’t eat them any other way. So if you think that you don’t like them, try preparing them in different ways. If you’re sure you don’t like them, I would have some other form of protein for breakfast.

Hi U N.
No. But meat. Breakfast in Vietnam is different. We usually enjoy Pho, Bun Bo, Bun Thit Nuong, etc. All of those contain of meat.

Ally N.
Usually I do not have eggs with my breakfast. I don’t really like the taste or texture of eggs. But sometimes I do eat eggs.