How do we make food quick and tasty with limited washing up?

Bernardete Y.
You can buy most stuff premade and if you get some premade stuff and throw it together into something yummy there will be minimal mess 🙂

Clara E.
Incorporate more raw foods: green salads, raw fruits and vegetables mean you only have to wash a knife and cutting board.

Bake or grill your proteins. If you're baking something like fish or chicken, line the baking tray with parchment paper or foil.

Roswita F.
My first answer is yogurt with fruits and nuts, celery and carrots with hummus, finger food. My longer answer is my sister's method. She buys the food on Saturday, preps and pre cooks it on Sunday, and her fridge is full of almost-ready meals all week. For a while she subscribed to a menu planning service, now she trusts herself to plan the week's meals without help from the service.

Holly F.
For easy and quick cleanup, I tend to eat instant oats in the morning. It's already portioned out for you, you just have to add hot water and clean one bowl after. I also add in 1 banana chopped up, some almond milk, and other fruits to mix it up and not have the same meal over and over.

Mapril Z.
I find that anything pre-made, such as yogurt or frozen breakfast sandwiches, reduce cleanup because they only require one plate and utensil. If you prefer not to buy processed food, you can use the same idea: for example, microwaved eggs can be cooked in the same owl that you serve it in.

Berthold X.
Great question!
I think limiting washing up is a good thing to keep in mind because it can get overwhelming otherwise.
I have been doing meal prep ahead of time for just a few weeks as follows, and have had to do very little dishwashing. I make crudité at night and I have that for breakfast with some boiled eggs or smoked fish, or maybe just cheese, nuts, and bread. Crudité for breakfast probably doesn’t sound good, but you would be surprised! Then for lunch or sometimes just early dinner, I make the leftover veggies, boiled eggs and other stuff into a salad, usually with olive oil and lemon. Other days I make whatever veggies are already cut up into soup in the vitamix blender. I only cook meat or fish once a week and make enough for 2-3 days. Then midweek I get a rotisserie chicken or something else already cooked. OR, I love to roast vegetables on a cookie sheet, using whatever I’ve already prepped, but always adding onions. Now that you mentioned it, I like not having a lot of dishes to do!

Olivia G.
I bake everything. Veggies/meat. Put extra virgin olive oil on it with salt and pepper. Bake 350 for like 20 mins. It’s pretty much the only way I cook because it’s quick and easy

Ana S O.
The night before, hard-boil an egg, thaw Frozen fruit in a bowl and put them both in the fridge, then go to bed. When you wake up, add 1/2 a cup of plain yogurt and a handful of granola to the fruit. The egg is your protein, start with that. Then enjoy your parfait, with healthy fat and low added sugars. No eggy frying pans or spatulas, just a bowl of fruit and a pot of water to wash up (and maybe a mug from coffee). For vegans, use an avocado or some peanuts, almonds, walnuts, or peanut butter instead of eggs, and vegan yogurt.

Christopher T.
Spend one afternoon mass preparing food for lunches and dinner for the next few weeks and then put them in containers in the freezer. Do all this washing up in one go, and then from then on just reheat the prepared frozen food and wash up the small container it was in

Albert Y.
I usually fix one-pot breakfast. Eggs are my fav because they are quick and loaded with protein.. I do like to change it up, I’m easily bored so hard boiled, fried, scrambled…anyway you like they keep you going until snack

Debbie U.
I make one pot stews. I will sauté veggies in a little water first, then add broth and other ingredients. I also store left overs in the same pot.

Ren F.
It's important I think to come to terms with the reality that dishes have to be done. Moreover the cost of doing so minimal considering the benefits.

One way to reduce on dishes is to precook meals. Then what is to be done are only the dishes used.

Michelle F.
Lots of prep. For example I prepare all my lettuce cucumbers mushrooms tomatoes for the week so that only make salads I can have everything already then I can just add chicken Or whenever protein I feel up to

Noah E.
During summer the best idea is making great salads: use just a bowl and a cutting table. Another option is using a pan for your main dish and raw veg for side. Or use the same pan for cooking everything. You can steam more stuff together.

Rosimere Z.
Crock pot meals is my best answer. They are easy to meal prep. They take a long time to cook but you don’t have to do anything but turn it on. It also keeps Great a story leftovers.
For breakfast I do something similar. I prepare multiple breakfast meals at one time (we do smoothies or oatmeal) and they are in a bag or container ready to grab and go.