Which is more satisfying and lasting for breakfast: all carbs, all protein or a mix?

Salwa F.
A mix will be better I think! because it gives you the goods of both so if you can’t do that go with protein . and tbh you choose what to eat cause you’re going to be the one eating it ! See what you like then decide good luck 😉
Andr Z.
Protein and fat makes you feel full for longer but you cant have yoo much fat due to higher calories per gram, carbs make the breakfast satisfying even though they dont make you full for long so a mix is ideal.
Capucine C.
A mix is important because both are important for the body. An emphasis on protein is good, but cutting carbs out of your diet completely is dangerous.
Aisha N.
After trying different breakfast variations, I have come to the consensus that a mix of proteins and carbs is best, obviously not in the same amounts – proteins have to take up from 75 – 85% of the plate.

This mix satiates me the most and blunts my hunger for the longest period, especially when I have work.

F Bio T.
I would say a good mix with about a 2/3 of carbs and 1/3 of protein. Don't forget to add in some nuts, avocado or other natural fat sources as they will make sure that you're satisfied for longer 🙂