Ian looking for great make ahead grab and go breakfast as I work early 4am and am not hungry TIL first break time at 6:30am.

Jesus R.
Make ahead some breakfast burritos or sandwiches. Wrap them individually. Freeze them. Bring them with you. Microwave when you're ready to eat
Valda A.
Maybe overnight oats! If you make it in a jar the nightbefore you can just grab itin the morning and open it when you get hungry.
Willibert X.
If you want something quick, then you should prepare your breakfast at night, so that in the morning you just grab it and go! As for what to eat, I think maybe a sandwich and fruits will do the job.
Alf U.
I’m the same…I feel nauseous first thing and need a bit more time before eating. Hubby and I love the egg bites from Starbucks, so we got the egg bite molds for the instant pot. We make a batch on the weekend and they are ready to grab in the morning to eat whenever!
Ennya A.
Breakfast burritos are a great choice. Pick any of your favorite fillings, wrap it in a tortilla, and stash it in the fridge the night before. In the morning, throw it in the microwave and walk out the door with a warm breakfast. Fillings like potatoes, beans and eggs will keep you full. Salsa, cheese and sautéed onions give massive flavor. You can also prep a couple during the weekend to cut down on time.
Ante E.
I think it's okay to go with your body's natural behaviour. If you're not hungry for that time span, don't eat. I suggest you drink a glass of water first thing, before going to work and stay with your stomach empty until the break time. In the mean time you can drink any fruits juice if it's okay for you. That's not related to being hungry. Than, during the break, you can eat. Enjoy.
Kassiane A.
I'm out the door at 5am and I usually go for a banana, packet of oatmeal, and a Clif bar. Usually holds me over til lunch, but I keep a baggie of mixed nuts and a spare Clif bar incase it doesn't.
Hans Albert Q.
A sandwich is always a safe idea, you can also get a small container of nuts, rsisins/cranberries. Pack some fruit along!
Ma Va Z.
I’m up at 415am, not usually hungry however I make a small green smoothie at 5am , then eat steel cut oatmeal ( cooked in a crockpot the night before) and 2 egg whites or chicken sausage by 7am; my work day starts at 8. I have a 15 yr old who has to be at wrestling practice by 6am, who also partakes in a green smoothie before practice. Hope this helps you.
Angel S.
I think it’s helpful to wake up a few minutes early to give my body time to wake up, then eat a small breakfast before work. An apple banana and a handful of mixed nuts is a snack, but it’s enough to get me started without making me nauseous in the morning.
Rosa Z.
Hard boiled eggs and string cheese pack well. Baked oatmeal can be made in a big batch and portioned out and reheats well. Packets of unsweetened oatmeal travel well if you have access to hot water. Good luck!
Sis Nio Q.
Even if im up at 6am i usually dont eat til 10am and I'dsay hard boiled eggs if you can eat eggs. Paired with some fresh fruit
Valentin O.
Shakes are great, especially now that there are fully nutritional ones like huel.
Trying intermittent fasting might be a choice too.
Silvester B.
Hi, it depends of course what you're preferred diet is. Maybe you can mix oat meal with some good yoghurt and fruit and pack it in the lunch box.
Hans Albert N.
Overnight Oats. Get some raw oats, a mason jar, some fruit, yogurt and milk. Mix it good and set it in the fridge overnight.
Leonie F.
Overnight oats are great! Before you go to bed put a jar filled with oats, milk, and your favorite ingredients (brown sugar, cinnamon, yogurt, peanut butter, etc.) in the fridge, and in the morning you have a quick breakfast you can eat on the go!
Alice S.
Fast breakfast ideas:
-hard boiled egg
-string cheese
-whole grain toast with simple peanut butter -ground peanuts, not sweetened peanut butter*

Alessio Y.
Eggs are a great choice. At the end of every week, I make little egg muffins by putting eggs into a muffin tins and baking them. I also add tomatoes, bell peppers, bacon pieces, and anything else I want. They're really good alone, or you can put them in between two pieces of bread for a sandwich.