Do you notice your hunger if you don’t eat breakfast?

Waldemar R.
Yes, absolutely! I notice that while it's hard, it can get better with practice. If I practice having a light breakfast (veggies or a piece of fruit with coffee or green tea), and then keep busy with a morning routine, I notice hunger a lot less. That said, sometimes when I do intermittent fasting, I start at 3pm so can eat breakfast at 7am the next morning.
Andrea Z.
It depends on the day. Some days I wake up and I'm not hungry at all and I can go hours without eating. Other days I'm r
Anton C.
I won't notice it until a few hours after I wake up. It usually isn't just hunger by that point. It can cause nausea and headaches before I even realize I am hungry.

Marietta O.
Initially, I always used to have an unhealthy heavy breakfast. Ever since I have started this journey, I switched to a more fibrous and protein based diet.

The outcome of this is that I feel much lighter and more energetic throughout the morning.

And yes, the habit is starting to set in and I start feeling the hunger as per my schedule.

Suzanne F.
YES! I also find besides feeling extremely hungry, I also feel very tired & lethargic. It is very difficult for me to do anything mentally or physically because my body is needing fuel. I make it a necessity to eat breakfast every single morning to make sure I have the energy to get the things I need to done & to just feel good & strong.
Esther E.
Yes.. I certainly do notice hunger but as I am a School going child so it is equalized with my lunch which I do have in my break time
Kathrin C.
When I don’t eat breakfast then I’m not hungry till 11am
When I do eat a fruit or egg or really anything I’m hungry 2 hours later and then I’m scrambling looking for something else to eat
Fabio B.
Yes. I have to eat or I feel hungry and lethargic. I keep it simple with a bowl of bran flakes and fruit so I have no excuse not to eat.
Sander C.
My breakfast is at lunch time due to intermittent fasting. But when I wake up hungry, I drink lots of water and I can usually make it until it’s time to eat!
Liesa F.
Yes. I normally drink my water and then pray and have my cup of coffee. If I dont eat within that next hour I develop a head ache and I start feeling extra hungry.
Joris C.
Yes today i felt hungry before I reached work. I had a sandwich since I don’t have enough time to make breakfast every morning before work
Andrea O.
Definitely! I’m the type that tends to be in a bad mood if I don’t have a decent breakfast and especially in the morning and nighttime it’s hard to ignore it if I’m hungry.
Karla E.
Yes I feel hungry but after several hours. I think it’s the most annoying feeling for me is that I feel discomfort when I eat if I skip my breakfast.
Anica C.
If you don’t eat breakfast normally, you body stores fat and will do it as a routine. So if you skip breakfast enough, you won’t feel hungry. This is bad.
Benete P.
I am not hungry when I first wake up, so I drink my water, have 1/2 cup of coffee and take my dog to the dog park. By the time she is done playing we go home. I am usually very hungry. I find having eggs for breakfast with a piece of toast and some fruit keeps my hunger under control for hours. I hope that was helpful.
Kent C.
Honestly, not most the time. (Probably from having had ED and got used to it). All I know is that it is still important. While I'm not hungry, my mood is garbage and all I want is to either sleep or die altogether.
Victor E.
It depends ,for example if I’m at home and have no plans for the morning like going to school or work i can feel hunger and it’s not very pleasant but on the other hand if i have to go to school (work) than hunger doesn’t really bother me because my brain pays more Attention To my work than hunger (although it may bother me a little at first)
Sofie A.
Yes especially because I always eat lesser at dinner. If I don't wat breakfast my stomach feels like it's eating itself so I make sure I eat breakfast as much as possible
Angie C.
Sometimes – I eat breakfast during the week / but sometimes skip on the weekends (fasting) – feels good to rest the body.
L Onie O.
I get a lot hungrier throughout the day if I eat breakfast. I seem to eat more than usual and I end up being bloated toward the end of the day
Brooklyn O.
I never used to feel hungry until 11am if I didn't eat breakfast, now I feel hungry when I wake up and feel hungry again in about 3 hours. Before if I ate my first meal at lunch time I wasn't hungry again til 6pm
Scarlett T.
Eventually, yes. However, what I really notice is that if I don't eat breakfast I fjnd it harder to make healthy choices.
Herminia C.
Not usually. Sometimes it helps to stop me overeating if I put off breakfast till later. I do tend to make healthier options if I start with a healthy breakfast.
Emma T.
Yes. There is substantial change in my appetite. A craving for breakfastis already developed.
Thank you team fabulous.

Jorge F.
No, I normally tend to feel hunger more if I do eat breakfast, I feel best when I’m fasting so I won’t eat for 16 hours and break my fast at midday 🙂 However if im doings something active or really energy intensive I feel way better doing it if I have had breakfast
Basile Z.
Yes, I noticed my hunger when I don’t eat breakfast. It’s like I have something in my tummy that need to be fed. Lol it really hurts.
Maiara S.
Always. I take medication in the morning and if I don’t eat, I feel really sick and hungry. Always eat breakfast, even if it’s just a small thing.
Alyssa T.
I don’t notice an immediate hunger. From Mid Morning I only start to get an in-cling, but I’m too ensconced in my day by then, so I normally wait until lunch before I eat my first meal.
Juan Y.
Yes, especially if my mind is not fixated on a task – I am forced to feel the hunger and need for energy from my body. On the other hand, if I'm super busy and distracted, I may not notice until lunch time. For me, thirst is more noticeable than hunger
Lesa F.
Some times…. depends on where I am and what I have planned for the day. Some times I don’t feel hungry and forget the initial hunger
Ella P.
Yes I feel very hungry and eat a lot for lunch and dinner but when I do eat breakfast I feel full and eat less for lunch
Brian Z.
No, not really. I do feel a little less concentrated and more tired but it never really affects me.
But (!) since I started working out, I really need that breakfast, cause I‘d otherwise feel burned out.
Brandon G.
Actually it depends on how i ate before that day. If it wasn’t satisfied enough i will be hangry during day if i hadn’t my breakfast but if i ate enough it won’t affect that much.
Larry C.
In the past I used to never eat breakfast. I just didn’t feel hungry in the mornings and I felt that I would eat enough later in the day so it didn’t matter much. But as I’ve started eating a good breakfast (my favorite right now is scrambled eggs and a juicy pear) I found that I enjoy it and that I’m not nearly as hungry for snacks and such later in the day! It also makes me start the day with a better attitude, as I’m taking care of myself right off the bat rather than trying to do a self care activity later.
Fabien Q.
At first I don’t notice it until I need mental or physical energy to get a task done. My learning here is just because I don’t feel depleted at the point of breakfast doesn’t mean I skip the energy my body needs to continue functioning during the day.