What is a quick healthy breakfast to have in a rush?

Blanka O.
A fruit smoothie is very good and easy to do. Also you can prepare a toast of avocado if available. A cereal or a egg in sunny side up.
Addison Z.
This is hard to admit, but I actually love jimmy dean frozen turkey sausage and egg white breakfast sandwiches. 2 mins is the microwave and you’re ready to go. Have with some berries that you only need to rinse!
Domingas P.
Definately overnight oats! You just make it the night before you go to bed and when you wake up they are ready. You can even take them with you and eat them on your way to work!
Storm X.
A granola bar- but make sure to read the nutrition facts and that it's actually healthy (not too much sugar or fat or artificial ingredients). It is also good to prep things the night before that you can pop in the microwave. Like an english muffin with sausage or eggs cups.