What do you like to have for breakfast?

Liam Z.
I prefer breakfast smoothies. I buy ones that are protein filled or vitamin filled and only drink half a day to cut down the cal consumption and sugar. I also have a protein shakes/meal replacement shakes. These fit easiest into my busy mornings but still aid in nutrition and weight loss. On occasion, I will make a bigger breakfast of Oatmeal and sausage and toast but I do try to avoid doing that often.
Owen Y.
I like to usually have this oat bowl that consists of: oats, milk, yoghurt, honey and a fruit of choice. You start by adding oats to a bowl, then add milk to the oats to make them a bit wet. After this add your yoghurt, honey and fruit and your done!
Sofia C.
Scrumbled eggs with ham and orange juice and maybe some carrots and cucumbers.
Other days I’m more like Bakeries with iced coffe
Of course the first breakfast is healthier but sometimes I don’t have enough time to make it.
I wish i could eat more salad anyyyyy type of salads even fruit salad. Maybe i have to buy more fruits and vegetables.
Marty F.
Oatmeal peanut butter and banana, avocado toast with crushed red pepper olive oil and everything seasoning , cereal with milk, or yogurt + granola!
Eleonora O.
i don’t know, i don’t usually eat the same thing everyday, but i like eat someting fresh like fruit and light like a yogurt and some cereals
Silas A.
Well the ideal breakfast will be Eggs with bread and some fruits, but I usually have what is on the fridge since i am bad at cooking. But lately ive started learning how to cook eggs and rice, what i had today was scrambled eggs with cheese and freshly baked bread. It was delicious
Dorota A.
Eating fruits for breakfast sets me in good mood at the start of the day. My favorite option is homemade mango smothie. You can search google for recepies.
Patricia X.
I like to eat pancakes with strawberry jam or honey and milk, but most of the time, I eat cereal with milk or tea with cheese.
Brandie X.
i’m not really sure cause i’ve had pancakes for the past year but i do like peanut butter banana toast and avocado with sliced up boiled egg, then some salt and pepper on a peace of butter toast, very yummy.
Nanna N.
I like to change every day, but I always have a part of protein (egg, yogurt, cheese, milk…), a part of carbs (cereal, toast, bread, biscuits/cookies…) and some fruit!
Gunda W.
I like making myself oatmeal with some fruits or I will make myself some eggs. I always wanna make sure I add fruit to my breakfast everyday. My favorite are strawberries.
Amanda P.
A boiled egg with olive oil and salt and pepper with avocado slices. Or a piece of toast bread with cream cheese .. coffee too
Kimberly U.
My favorite breakfast currently for days when I'm rushing is a Paleo granola high in protein. I also like eggs and a complex starch like whole wheat bread, banana, spelt pancakes.
Gilbert Z.
A breakfast smoothie with oats, a frozen banana, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and some cinnamon sprinkled on top. Sometimes I add a cup of coffee, some frozen veggies, and some ground flax seeds.

I also like sausage and egg English muffins from Tim Hortons, a sausage and egg McMuffin and hashbrown from McDonald's, and a sausage and egg McGriddle with a hash brown from McDonald's as well

The R.
I like to have overnight oats that I make with milk and a little syrup, as well as a piece of fruit. It gives me the chance to slow down a little.
Rosa O.
green tea and toasts with peanut butter. I'm not the type to eat savory foods in the morning because i'm not used to it and i have a sweet tooth
Titouan F.
For breakfast, I usually like to eat fruit as it gives you quite a bit of energy for the day. I used to have cereal or toast but they’re both just a little bit unhealthy so I tipped eating it and now I have fruit. Hope this helps!
Vanessa U.
I like to have a full balanced breakfast, as im Dominican i like to have a complete plate of mangú with salami, eggs and maybe some fried cheese. That gives me the energy for the whole day!
Emil W.
I like to change every day, but I make sure I always have a part of protein (egg, bacon, milk, yogurt, cheese…), a part of carbs (toast, cereals, biscuits/cookies, bread…) and some fruit!
Silvester S.
For breakfast I like to have something sweet most of the time, like porridge topped with nut butter and frozen berries, a delicious mugcake, toast with banana and PB or banana and cereal. If I’m craving something savory I’ll go for eggs on toast.
Mahnoor A.
I usually don't have breakfast, but nowadays I started having breakfast. For the past two days I have had an apple, pear and if I'm hungry then I have two pieces of bread with either a cup of chocolate milk or omelette.
Aisha N.
I like to have a different dish everyday for breakfast to keep things interesting. I love cooking and I love trying new recipes – having variety always makes me look forward to cooking up something new in the morning!
Haley R.
I like to have high protein options around for breakfast. I am a high school teacher and I have found that this is a nice way to fuel my mornings and set the tone for my day. I often have protein shakes or high protein, low carb breakfast sandwiches.
Carolyn Z.
During the week; half a cup of oatmeal with a tsp of brown sugar paired with a protein shake and piece of fruit. On the weekends, brown rice with over easy eggs and a little teriyaki sauce (sometimes with a piece of fried spam).
Andy W.
Medium sized bowl of cereal with a dollop of yoghurt, a teaspoon of peanut butter and almond milk. Two pieces of multigrain toast with different spreads on each and a large glass of water.
Cathy S.
Pour le petit déjeuner je commence à apprécier de ne pas manger tout le temps les mêmes aliments qui sont souvent tout préparés (céréales ou pain… ). J'aime varier les repas, associer le sucré et le salé et manger équilibré et cuisiné. Me préparer de petites recettes healthy et simples comme des oeufs, des avocats toast, des yogurt bowl ou encore du porridge.
Jay G.
Summer breakfast is usually about liquids, so I make a jar of cold tea and a bottle of lemon water. If I have time I can make toast and eggs, but most mornings it's milk and biscuits or cereals. If I'm running late or I want to stay light, I grab an energy bar and go my way. There was a time when I couldn't get out of bed even if I was hungry, so I started putting packs of biscuits or crackers next to the bed. The important part of breakfast isn't the making or the fancy look, it's eating.
Barb O.
I am having one bananas in slice, a small amount of cornflakes without coating, a cup of tea and 7 almond. It is a nice change, you can do it man!
Meisha Lee P.
I love having fruits all mixed together!! (such as grapes, strawberries and kiwi fruit) having fruit makes me feel energised and ready!! I can also have the occasional muffin or yoghurt with that as well!!
Julieta B.
I love sweets. I'm used to having sweet things in the morning, like bakery stuff and all, but lately I've been trying to go healthier. I've been eating granola (pretty healthy one, not much sugar), a fruit and sometimes an energy bar (which is pretty sugary but has nuts anf stuff). I always have black coffee. To be honest it is filling and satisfying, this breakfast, even more than the sugary one, but I'm not gonna lie and say I don't still stuff my face with sugar afterwards, but this breakfast has diminished that more than I thought it would. Originally I'd thought I'd buy oats and cook porridge, but I'm way too lazy to cook in the morning (or at all). I like easy fixes. So there's that, that's what I eat for breakfast.
Greta Y.
Bread with tomatoes and a little bit of oil and salt, plus if I'm really hungry I also go for some fruit of the actual season or a yogurt.
Reginald Z.
I like something simple, usually rice and eggs. This helps me focus on my macros early on on the day in order to better hit my fitness goals.
Kathryn C.
My work-day go-to is plain, nonfat Greek yogurt with berries (typically blueberries or strawberries) and a mint brownie protein bar (which I microwave for 15 seconds so the chocolate melts a little, but also because I prefer the softer texture).
Sobiya C.
I drink coffee first then workout a bit, then i take a nice bath and have a whole breakfast including bread or chapati with eggs
Barbiere G.
Varied and changing breakfast. Oats is ok, but is enough for a week. Eggs can damage my stomach. Fruits are okay. Yogurt can damage my stomach.
Alison Z.
For breakfast, I like to have a warm bagel with cream cheese and veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and arugula.