What’s your favourite breakfast and do you limit quantities or eat as much as you want?

Charles P.
Toast with egg. But sometimes my parents give me other foods that contains a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. Since I underweight, so I have to eat a lot of protein and fat to build my muscle in order to gain weight.
Amy J.
Either a thick high calorie smoothie or a plate of foul with flatbread as I am trying to gain weight lost due to anxiety. Because of this, I don’t particularly limit myself but I have roughly the same portion size every time.
Yolanda P.
My Favorite breakfast is homemade waffles or pancakes, I don’t limit myself on breakfast, bc I get a little annoyed when I’m hungry, and I want to start off with a nice tummy to fuel my day. I don’t think ‘full’ is the word for it, bc even though I don't limit myself, I don’t want to be overly full and bloated. Now I don’t really have to ‘limit’ myself with breakfast bc I’m not usually all that hungry in mornings, I just eat what I think is the right amount to start my day.