I’d love some ideas on non-American breakfast ideas that are easy to prep. If I get tired of what I’m eating I just won’t eat. I’d like to expand my horizons.

Imarie B.
I'm not entirely sure what counts as American breakfasts and what doesn't. Being from South Africa, we eat a lot of porridge, oats mieliepap and those types of things for breakfast, or just toast, honey, normal things. But I would like to remind you that you can eat whatever you like for breakfast. There is no reason at all to eat only breakfast foods, so spice it up with whatever you think could be interesting! Go crazy, in a healthy way!!

Bianca N.
Well uh I am American, you prolly are too. Anyways, maybe try Taco Bell, it’s kinda Mexican food and their breakfast burritos aren’t too bad. I heard the English eat meat and cheese that sounds good too.

Aline Q.
Every morning I eat a fruit salad, with bananas and papaya, drink a cup with soy milk and cocoa, and eat two slices of whole grain bread with strawberry jelly.

Randy Z.
Try eating an omelet. All you need are 3 eggs, milk, mushrooms/onions or peppers if you have around you and some salt. You can have a fruit or slice of toast on the side too if you want as well as either water or some fruit juice to get your day going.