What would be good for a college student who doesn’t have access to making/cooking a traditional breakfast? I’ve been eating small packets of trail mix in the past, but often I’m not needing that until after a class or two, which obviously throws off the routine of having breakfast when you get up in the morning. What do you recommend to fix this?

Paige N.
If you have a toaster you can make a simple avocado toast. Mash up avocado with a bit of salt and cumin and spread it on your toast. You can also add tomatoes on top if you would like.
Pooh N.
I faced the same issue, for me what worked is having 1 mug of toned milk coffee with two whole wheat bread slices with peanut butter on them. Just to make it healthy and more delicious sometimes I sprinkle pumpkin seeds too. It's my everyday breakfast and i am having this from almost 3 years now. It's full filling, easy, time efficient, protein rich and yummy too.