Do you enjoy eating a large breakfast like the English breakfast or do you prefer something like a smoothie?

Kaitlin J.
I prefer a larger breakfast, but my current reality is that smoothies are typically easier. I do my best to load my smoothies with protein to keep me full.

Zoe F.
i prefer to have a small breakfast such as ; yogurt with berries, everything bagel with cream cheese or as stated above a smoothie

Martha Z.
I find large hearty breakfasts exhausting and don't feel drawn to them too much. But a smoothie wouldn't be sufficient and would leave me hungry. I go for porridge with fruits or scrambled eggs and a roll with fruit spread …

Mathias C.
For a couple of years now I have been eating oatmeal and a protein shake most mornings. On the mornings I don't eat that I eat eggs with vegetables in them.