Do you drink coffee every morning?

Ethan Q.
Yes, I do drink coffee every morning since I’ve bought into the idea that it helps me wake up. I liked my coffee a lot more when I could have a barista coffee with brekky. That was a great luxury and it was a good way to start my morning. Like everything in life, I grew to take it for granted.

Mike E.
I usually consume caffeine around noon. Some days quite far into the afternoon. Lately, this has been in the form of hot, loose leaf Yerba Maté.

For coffee I’ll have a cold brew a couple times a week.

Sofia Z.
No. I find the boost of energy you get from drinking coffee in the morning fictional. I prefer to energy you get from exercising, it stays with you for longer and it doesn’t come with the down effect of caffeine.

Mike T.
Yes. A cup of coffee (or two) in the morning is what makes getting out of bed worth it.
I usually have one or two strong cups of coffee. It gives me the buzz I crave to get s#!t done.
Make sure to start your mornings with a tall glass of water. Either before or after your coffee is fine.

Henry C.
Yes. I enjoy a cup of coffee each morning. It is part of my routine – although it is not the first thing I do when I get out of bed. I drink a glass of water before anything else, then I meditate, then I will enjoy my coffee as I shower and get ready. Works for me.

Brooklyn F.
I drink coffee most mornings, but not usually until I get to work. I don't need the caffeine, but like the comraderie of drinking coffee with my colleagues.

Mathis Q.
Yes, I drink 2-3 cups of coffee every morning. I am reducing my intake though for health benefits and losing ~40 pounds.

Lawrence Y.
I used to but now I don’t anymore. It started with me not having energy anymore for making the coffee or for going to the store and buy one, but now I don’t know if I want to start this habit once again…

Ruby P.
Not every morning and not as soon as I wake up. Usually I make a cuppa coffee at the office around 10 or 11 but I only do that once or twice a week typically. I have a little water in the morning and I also usually have tea in the afternoon between one and 3 o’clock usually

P Ricles Q.
I don’t. I have been trying to lower my coffee consumption on and off. Green or black tea’s are my go to’s for when I want a warm drink in the morning (or afternoon), but don’t want to get a coffee. Another favorite of mine is Chai Tea Latte. It is usually the same price as a Latte in coffee shops, but it’s a blend of black tea(I believe) and spices. It’s really tasty, wakes me up just as well as an actual coffee and I love it.

Alcib Ades C.
No… Don't drink coffee they say it stunts your growth lol..🤣… Not a big fan of coffee unless it's has alot of sugar, creamer.

Maja Y.
I never drink coffee at all. I love the smell of a rfesh opened coffee packet or a freshly brewed cup but I cannot stand the taste. I am more a tea and water drinker but not a regular tea drinker.

Sharlene Z.
Most every morning, yes. I find it very enjoyable. I drink too much though and I’m trying to cut back. Right now I’m drinking 6 cups a day from the decanter. I want to move to 4 soon.

Elias P.
No, I don’t really like coffee. And when I do have coffee it’s loaded with sweeteners and milk so I get really sleepy after drinking it

Sarah Z.
I drink coffee almost every morning. I haven’t since I started using this app, coffee was normally my breakfast. But now I really try to have a healthier one. I still will have coffee, just not for breakfast

Morgane W.
No, certainly not every morning or even every day. Do enjoy a good cuppa and will have a large sized coffee 2-3 per week.

Sonialange P.
No, it makes me feel sick and if anything takes energy away from me. I like to have some tea, or even a piece of chocolate to help me wake up.

Brandon P.
I drink at least 10 shots of espresso every day in the form of americanos. I switched to decaf espresso in september 2018.

Ma Va Q.
No i found out that while it does help to make me more energetic it made me stressed and my body didn’t like it much as it made me wven more dehydrated.

Ulrich E.
No, I drink earl grey tea with no milk ….l have reduced the amount of caffeine l drink so drink a coffee alternative which is lovely

Anatoli U.
Not every morning, I usually drink coffee in the morning when I'm at work, but rarely when I'm at home. (Working 14 on 14 days off)

Marie C.
I try not to. I find when I have coffee, the “buzz” wears off in the afternoon and I feel even more tired. If I drink more coffee, it’s hard to sleep. If I don’t, I’m exhausted.

Christoffer N.
Yes. I actually drink bulletproof coffee every morning. It is coffee with butter and MCT oil. MCT oil is purified coconut oil.
I then also have a cup of coffee with breakfast a couple hours later. Because I work out first thing in the morning, I don’t actually eat until after. So it is bulletproof coffee, protein shake, gym, breakfast with coffee
Thanks for the question!

Linda J.
I used to drink coffee every single morning and could not function without it. Now I mostly drink tea, yerba mate and now green. I occasionally indulge in coffee, but it's a treat when I do.

Elias C.
Yes. It's not good for you. I was once taught in a university course that out of 3000 scientific studies on coffee and it's health "benefits" only 3 confirmed that coffee was "good" for the human body. However I have found that tea seems to give me depression spirals. So only reason I drink coffee is for my brain.

Candice N.
Yes. I make cold brew concentrate every weekend and drink a glass of it each morning while reading the news and slowly waking up. It's the highlight of my morning!

Alice E.
No. I have a protein shake every morning for breakfast. In the evening after dinner/before bedtime, I have either decaf fruity tea or decaf coffee w/flavoring & a water bottle. This also helps curb late night snacking.

Claire P.
No, I haven’t had a coffee in the morning for a few years actually. I understand that some people may think this is a vital part of their morning in order to get through the day, but honestly I just eat an apple in the morning plus anything else to get someone energy. This also allows to get through the day without burning out and crashing like what a cup of coffee would usually give me.

Abraham I.
Nope. I exercise in the morning which gives me the energy boost that I need. I usually drink coffee after lunch. It's during the afternoon that I feel sleepy.

Elmer O.
Personally, I only drink coffee when I need it or I would possibly end up creating an addiction. Only when I didn't sleep good do I drink 40mg of coffee and if I still feel tired in the afternoon I drink another 40mg. This prevents a crash later on.

Nellie A.
I do drink coffee every morning. I have a little Nespresso machine and it comes with a milk frother so the ritual of coffee is a bit of a thing for me. I have a coffee station set up with a bowl that holds all the different coffee pod flavours that I like. I pick my coffee flavour, make the coffee, froth up the milk, put it all together and sprinkle some cinnamon on top and enjoy. 🙂

Fernando S.
Yes, I drink coffee every single morning. It definitely is an addiction. I have come to the realization, that I am quit a different person before my first cup of coffee. I don’t usually have more than two cups, but those make all the difference. I am a bit hazy and lack concentration before and feel undefeatable the moment after my first sip. I do love it though, the taste and the mornings spending time alone reflecting on my day and how productive I want to be, all what I sip on my coffee. So, it’s not something negative for me. I’m not so sure it should be anyway. 🙂

Kyle T.
it was a good question for me. i drink coffee every morning over years. i prefer to make coffee with freshly grounded coffee and i mostly prefer aeropress method. the second one i prefer to drink at 15.30 pm but this time an instant coffee.

Zelo Q.
Yes, I used to drink 2 cups of coffee but since I stopped using the high calorie creamer, I only drink one and use almond or skim milk.

Isabella A.
Yes, I do drink coffee every morning, afternoon and sometimes every evening too! I love my coffe and it helps me to have the energy to do the things I need to do that day and everyday! I also drink other things too but I love my coffee!

William X.
I don't drink coffee but I started making a protein shake because it's quick and helps me choose healthier ingredients. The powder I use is the Parsley health rebuild (overall meal replacement with some vitamins and minerals added), and I mix it with creatine (for exercise performance), cacao nibs (for a little caffeine boost), ground flax seed (for some more protein and fiber) and almond butter (for fat). Then I make the shake with almond or coconut milk, or water.

Lea Z.
I used to drink coffee every morning. Yet, it stimulated my urges to smoke while I wanted to lower the amount of cigarettes I smoked. To break the pattern, I stopped drinking coffee completely and replaced it with chai and herbal tea. If I really crave caffein, I tend to get myself a Matcha Latte.

Silvester U.
I don't typically drink coffee in the morning. Occasionally I'll add it to my protein shake if I feel like I might need a boost at the gym. More often than not if I do drink coffee it will be in the evening around 6pm while I'm at work. Especially on days where I go to the gym in the morning, a latte in the evening helps a little in terms of getting me through the shift without feeling completely drained the whole time.

Leon U.
No I have stopped coffee since I started my plan (and I feel much better now). I allow only one very good coffee within the month when I wake up very very early. Kind of « reward ». 😉

Jason Y.
No… I used to but then I noticed that my skin started braking out and I was just not feeling healthy so I cut it out of my diet completely and I had no energy or motivation for my day so I decided to only drink a very little bit and that is working for me
– Ella❤️

Alois O.
Coffee makes me anxious, shaky and sometimes gives me headaches, so I avoid it. I drink herbal infusions every morning and find it both soothing and invigorating.

Freja G.
Yes, 3 cups over an hour and a half or longer – I’m moving to drinking it black with a dash of homemade pumpkin pie spice and tumeric

Mae F.
I do. I have one 8oz cup. I actually drink my first 8oz glass of water while the coffee is brewing. Now I prepare my breakfast as I’m drinking my one cup.

Ma L Y.
Yes. Personally, I would like to finish breakfast with an espresso shot, but we usually have a brewed coffee with a peanut butter sandwich as a breakfast.

Fabian Z.
No, I don’t drink coffee. I prefer to stay away from things with caffeine in them because I find they make it hard for me to sleep.

Marcus P.
I used to but had my diastolic blood pressure reading too high and had to quit coffee. I feel better now that I just have water and a smoothie

Lily O.
No I dont drink coffee every morning. Coffee is ok but as always moderation is key. Be aware that coffee has a dehydrating effect, possible psy and fysical dependency issues.

Theresa E.
Well, it depends as sometimes I will take the coffee after my lunch and refresh for the work 🙂 but really depends on the mood

Geci E.
I used to drink coffee every morning in the office before I started work purely because I was feeling tired and half-asleep. Since I started eating breakfast before leaving home in the morning I realized I didn't need my daily cup of coffee anymore! It's amazing how much a small meal in the morning can change the way we feel during the day! I still can have a coffee if I feel like it but I'm not dependent on it anymore.

Cameron P.
Yes, I drink a cup after I drink my water. I love the taste of coffee and the aroma signals me to get prepared for the day ahead.

Giesela U.
I rarely drink coffee in the morning- I don’t want to say I’ve never done so, because I can’t prove that, but overall it’s never been a common part of my day. I drink socially and during times of extreme desperation lol.