What is a healthy dinner for you?

Soline P.
Something that contains protein, carbs, vitamins and healthy fats.
For example 2 cups of the salad of your choice + 1 sliced chicken breast and a mustard – honey-olive oil sauce
Or it could be a warm oatmeal (perfect for the called evenings) with home-caramelized chopped apple and almonds 😍
Or it could be 200gr of yogurt (vegan or not) with your favorite fruit, some nuts and honey or/and peanut butter 🤗

Pedro X.
A balanced meal includes more protein less carbs and fats and no sugar. Also variety is so much important. Fish meat and chicken should be consumed during the week. I love herbs and other greens. A full salad as a complimentary would be really nice.

Panther N.
A healthy dinner means a time to get off your thinking and getting your mind a small nutritious break which will give you a better mindset for other work

Joan Z.
Something light that won't take a lot of time to digest. Avoid fried food and salads and greenery in general(because the chlorophyll is more difficult to dissolve in your stomach) or apples(because they have caffeine) . Try yogurt, chicken with vegetables/rice, fish, maybe a toast, sometimes I eat cereal but I know it's not ideal. Depends on the person and the nutritional needs. Try not to eat junk or oily food before going to bed.

Ariane F.
A healthy dinner is a mix of carbohydrates, vegetables, protein and dairy. You need all of these things to make you a strong and healthy individual.

Alice L.
I would say that a healthy dinner, or more generally a healthy meal, is the one that is balanced and that contains all the basic macros and micronutrients that our body needs, so usually when I plan my meals and decide what to eat, independently of the meal itself (I mean, it could be dinner as much as lunch or even breakfast at times), I always make sure that in my plate there is a good 30% of complex carbohydrates (i.e. whole-wheat pasta, rice, barley, quinoa, etc.), a 30% of proteins (which may vary accordingly to your liking and type of diet), and the remaining 40% of veggies (usually, I prefer to eat seasonal vegetables, so for instance in this period I’m eating chiefly pumpkin, mushrooms, cruciferous vegetables, fennel, etc. of course, baked or cooked in a wide range of ways.) Hope I could be of any help to you, take care and wish you a great day~