What exactly is a “great breakfast”?

Thea Y.
Hi Today I used fresh veggies…green, red, and yellow peppers, sautéed with Turkey bacon and 1 scrambled egg, accompanied by a large glass of water. But if I have to define a great breakfast, it’s something in line with the goals you’ve set for yourself physically. I’m personally trying to lose weight so I’m focused on cutting out carbs and sugars! Good luck!
Lewis S.
A great breakfast is one that has the right amount of protein, vitamins, and essential nutrients. It must as delicious as it is nutritious. One example would be a protein powder shake with an egg veggie scramble and fruit slices. There are many ways to incorporate healthy eating in to your diet, it just depends on the person. Hope my answer helped!
Norma U.
A great breakfast, will give you enough energy to start your day off right. It will fill you up just enough that you will be prepared to handle any obstacle that comes your way. A great breakfast, should be refreshing and fulfilling, as well as healthy.
Gesche Z.
Something that doesn't contain processed sugar, or anything that will crash my energy throughout the day. Love eating eggs, salad, oat meals, avocado toast with more vegetables etc.
Adam W.
Well on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I have an english muffin with avocado, grapefruit and black coffee. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have eggs scrambled with mushrooms, onions and spinach, a fruit bowl and sliced avocados with black coffee. That's my fabulous breakfast.
Karla C.
I'd say it's largely dependent on the person and their lifestyle. In general a good amount of protein like eggs is useful. Banana is a good natural source of energy. Simple carbs like cereal oats are good for ongoing energy. I'd recommend a large portion, most important meal of the day imo.
Charlie O.
A meal with protein, fat and vegetables is what I consider a good breakfast. For me it also needs to be mild in certain ways or it will make me feel nauseous and I won't eat it.
Lo S T.
A great breakfast is one where you feel nice and full, but not too full, and it makes you feel ready and energized for the day. Also just food that you really enjoy 🙂
Magnus N.
Great breakfast is energy source for my body. My breakfast includes 4 types of nutriment. Proteins, carbs, fiber and dairy products. Also water.
Austin P.
A great breakfast for me is overnight oats with either berries, raisins, or nuts – made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
Angelo E.
I love my home made kefir made into a smoothie. Ideally banana but if i am being good i mix it with chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and frozen berries instead.
Catrin U.
A great breakfast will include protein, which is good to keep you full, and high quality carbs to boost energy! It’d be great to take the right amount of time to enjoy your meal in order to have a good day
Janna U.
I suppose that it's subjective but a great breakfast is one that makes you feel great. After eating a great breakfast you should feel satisfied, energized, and ready for your day. And very importantly, it should last long enough to do some good. So it should have enough protein and complex carbohydrates that it will power you until lunch.
Darren C.
great breakfast is one that is healthy, delicious and convenient. I can eat it at work, it doesn't take too long to make.
Delicious breakfasts are yummy like avocado and ginger.
a truly great breakfast would be me sitting in the glorious sunshine, at the beach, sitting down with friends eating wonderful tropical fruits, nits and yoghurt.
Selma E.
For me, in this phase of my life, eating a great breakfast means eating breakfast. I strive to stay away from pancakes or waffles or sugars and lean into anything with proteins and/or fruits. Ultimately though, coming from someone who used to not eat breakfast or just ate fast food breakfasts, eating at home is a win.
Ray S.
Yogurt and fruit is my favorite, eggs are great because they have a ton of protein or peanut butter and a banana is good as well, and if you’re in a hurry try to make time to at least make a protein shake, I make mine with vanilla flavored coconut milk.
Becky J.
I think a good breakfast is simply a good ole' country breakfast. Bacon and eggs with pancakes, coffee, milk and or fruit juice. Especially if you do lots of hard physical labor every day. It has plenty of protein fat and carbs to keep you going throughout the day.
Aaron U.
For me a great breakfast is two boiled eggs, toast,and avocado. With fruits on the side. Or two boiled eggs and a smoothie fruit and veggies smoothie mix.
Lucas W.
A great breakfast is one that will give you energy for the rest of the day. It does not mean a sugary breakfast, that would only give you a small and short boost of energy before you tire out and feel even worse than before. It should consist of vitamin D, protein, and whole grain. Eggs are a great choice to have for breakfast.
Ella J.
A great breakfast is one that gives you all essential nutrients and energy for the work that is expected of you in the early hours of the day
Katerina U.
Is a healthy one wich makes you satisfied and nourished all the morning long. Try eggs (not fried eggs), fruits and coffee or natural juice. You’ll start your day better than ever!
Glen E.
For me, it is a banana and some almond butter. It is quick and portable. I like the almond butter because it is a healthy protein and the banana is good for potassium. How about you?
Morgan T.
Eggs, or some sort of protein. With some fruit and either leafy greens or some sort of a bread to fill you. You could sub out for a starch of sorts of you would like.