Do you like treating yourself for breakfast? What is it like? (Do you go out? Do you eat healthy food or do you allow yourself to indulge? Etc etc…)

Lana N.
I rarely go out for breakfast, and I always try to pick foods that help me stay full the most, because I have lunch too late and i need a full filling breakfast. In the weekend I usually eat rusks or biscuits rather than my usual porridge or yogurt bowl, just because I like to treat myself that way

Kathleen O.
I am not a breakfast person at all but I know it’s important for my day, so I keep it simple with a granola bar and piece of fruit during the week. On weekends I like to make toast or oatmeal and try different interesting toppings. I do try to eat healthy most of time, but indulge if I’m in the mood. I don’t go out for breakfast because there aren’t a lot of options where I live (and I’m vegan so even fewer options) and I usually can’t get up in time (not a morning person). Sometimes I will get bagels on the weekend as a treat.