What’s your favorite healthy breakfast?

Marilu F.
Oat and bananas pancaque, without sugar, but maybe natural honey to make it sweet with some berrys in the top and a great cup of black coffee.
Charles P.
I like to eat eggs (they can be cooked in lots of different ways, i don't have preference on anyone) and yoghurt with cereals
Emmy C.
1. Oats with nuts and dry fruits sprinkled with cinnamon
2. Oats with fresh fruits
3. Apple, carrots and beetroot juice with half a lemon or lime squeezed in and honey or bananas for sweetness
Hannah F.
Eggs are by far my favorite. They’re easy, quick, and tasty. Everyone has their own preference, but no way of cooking eggs really takes all that long.
Klaudia T.
I like either a fried egg, reduced sugar oatmeal, or a banana when I’m in a rush. If I have time, I’ll blend a smoothie
Trude O.
For breakfast, I like to eat whole grain toast with peanut butter, fruit (apples, cantaloupe, pineapple, berries, etc), plain yogurt with nuts + dried fruit + granola, and a smoothie
Ol Mpia S.
Yogurt with any type of fruits , I personalizes prefer blueberries with it but you could of course choose any type of fruits that you like:)<3
Edileusa P.
the people from South India like me is really used to eat rice breakfast like dosa idli and dosa puttu and kadla. puttu it is very common and very familiar in Kerala and its really known as really very healthy or because puttu is getting boiled and also the kadla is rich in protein breakfast. These are the breakfasts we are having in our morning session. for us puttu and kadla are enough for our great diet
Emily F.
My favourite healthy breakfast is probably porridge. It’s healthy and versatile and keeps you full for so long! You can add anything you like to it! So great!
Valdemar Z.
Eggs if I want something savoury. But I also have bananas on toast with peanut butter if I'm craving a sweet start to the morning.