What specifically do you feel makes it s great breakfast?

Elijah S.
At this point in my journey, a good breakfast is simply me eating one. However, everyone’s journey is different. So when you’re thinking of the goal that makes is “good”, start small. Small wins build confidence.
Lucille T.
A great breakfast contains a high protein to carbohydrate ratio, healthy fats, and is rich in vitamins and minerals. I would recommend a breakfast of an omelette with dark leafy greens, other vegetables, and half an avocado on top.
Maelya Y.
So there are a couple of things. Generally I believe it needs to include a balance of ingredients – particularly some good quality protein. And it needs to give me a strong start to the day, I.e. won’t leave me hungry for at least a few hours. I usually have two eggs prepared in a variety of ways and a carb – toast usually. And then jam or butter depending on whether sugar is an issue. If you are hungry enough, a piece a fruit is a great add-on. Good luck!
Alito Q.
Drink Water
Cook an Omlettee using an Air fryer, spray, meat, veggie, egg whites, himilain salt, pepper. Top with cheese.
Francilene A.
I honestly felt nothing different because I was already eating a good breakfast in the mornings. It was better than eating waffles though.
Kimberly T.
Totally depends on the individual. My wife loves eggs in the morning , they fortify her for hours. While I enjoy eggs from time to time, a whole grain cereal (steel cut oats, grape nuts, etc) with fruit is what fuels me best.
Dwayne N.
I like Fruit. So each morning i have a bowl of yogurt with fruit sprinkled with nuts and granola. It makes me feel energized! Ready to excercise and get going for the day..and i dont have to cook! I notice myself leaning toward vegetarianism..but not vegan since i do like eggs..on other days i have eggs with broccoli and tomatoes or a nice bowl of oatmeal.
Clyde F.
I like something with lots of protein and not a lot of sugar, since that’s what gives me the energy to keep going and stops me from immediately wanting to snack on things. I also want something that it a mix of textures and flavors and feels a bit decadent – which is why I’ve been having chia seed pudding with cocoa and coconut, topped with Greek yogurt (fancy parfait!) and some fruits on the sife
Marcus C.
I think having a great breakfast every morning makes my morning shine and feel good. Being energized and full of nutrition let me feel I can face most of the stuff I will meet in a day.
Layla J.
I find that having plain Greek yoghurt with apple or banana and some honey makes me feel healthy and clean as well as refreshed.
Louka A.
I consider a good breakfast to be a healthy one that will provide you energy until your next meal. I usually try to eat something filling, like a banana or granola bar. Getting breakfast from fast food places aren’t a good start to your morning because they are unhealthy and don’t help your body in any way.
Gordana O.
Sitting down and being aware of what you are eating and that you are eating to fuel your body for the day ahead. Especially if it is healthy so you feel good about putting something that'll give you a great start.
Juanita P.
Something from each food group makes it a good and balanced breakfast. Carb in the form of bread, a protein-eggs or meat, and fruit! I like the savory protein and the sweet fruit. Also, start with a cold juice to wash it all down, and a hot coffee after it’s all done to warm the belly and soul.
Harvey X.
I feel so energized and happy than the usual break fast.So I will continue that specific breakfast whenever I need ,like on exam days
Megan U.
A great breakfast to me is balanced. Some form of protein, fiber and vitamin c. Food that gives me energy that isn’t too high in sugar or carbs. My favorites include oatmeal, yogurt, fruit (especially apples and bananas), peanut butter bread (trying to eat less bread but still good energy) and eggs made app different ways.
Bartholom Us F.
Not eating canned or prepared breakfast but making your own. Be it frying, kneading cooking or baking. Bcs that’s when you enjoy it more
Camille Y.
What makes it a great breakfast? I think something that just feels nutritious and very filling. Foods that are delicious yet healthy so you look forward to eating in the morning and feel good about it all throughout the day. Pastries for breakfast will only leave you feeling guilty and with a crash.
Cassiano O.
A great breakfast keeps me energized during the morning and stops me from overeating at lunch or reaching for candy in the office
Dianne F.
Something that will give you energy both immediately and sustained and always something that includes fruit. I love to have fruit in the morning for flavour, but it also helps set a precedent for the day that I can eat healthily and enjoy it, that fruit can give me the same sugar hit as chocolate (though I'm not going to lie, I still prefer chocolate) and that I've got one of my five a day ticked off before I've even left for work.