Why can’t you eat waffles and pancakes?

Tadeusz E.
I can eat them occasionally but they are not so great breakfast because it gives your energy spike and then your energy will come down and you will feel tired af.

Ana Y.
Because waffles and pancakes are the same thing, they have the same batter, they’re just cooked in a different shape. Also, eating both will make you feel too full, and out of shape

Ana Y.
Because it's too many carbs. However, if you do want to eat both, I suggest protein pancakes and blueberry waffles for a healthier option. Also eat with fruit in some plain yogurt.

Ana Y.
Because they are full of refined sugars, which are toxic to my body and my unborn baby's body as well. I must restrain myself from eating such rapidly absorbed sugars and substitute those for better, healthier options.

Sindulfo Q.
Well I can eat them but I don't want to eat them as much as I love them, I gain weight easily and I cannot eat any kind of sweet especially chocolate since I'm allergic to it, but if you ask me I at least eat once or twice a month waffles or pancakes!

Edwin U.
cuz it's a simple carbohydrates that make you sugar up very fast and down very fast, so you will be hungry again after some time.

Ana Y.
You can eat whatever you want. All you need to take care what it's made out of, and what is your daily calorie intake. Regular pastries gives you energy for a short amount of time, and after that you feel like you were hit by a train because of the sugar deficit. Try out new stuff, experiment with ingredients! 🥳🤸‍♀️

Esther F.
Why could you not? mybe they aren't the best to eat if you have a diet but i don't see any reason why you can't eat them.

Ana Y.
I do eat waffles and pancakes but if I eat a waffle I opt for either just half of one or if I’m making them I make Chaffel ( low carb Keto friendly waffle ) and with pancakes I usually eat one as well or if I’m making them I make a flourless one using oats and bananas , I easily find recipes on Pinterest that are healthy but still look appealing

Rosenei Q.
They both content lots of suger and carbohydrate that can affect our healthcare in both phisical and mental side. I read an article about how suger changes our mood.

Jennie C.
Puoi mangiarli a patto che siano a basso contenuto di zuccheri, ricchi di fibra, che diano accompagnati ad un frutto e ad una porzione di proteine. Inoltre devono essere proporzionati al lavoro che andrai a fare.