Do you have a breakfast “hack” for busy mornings?

Lesi N.
My breakfast “hack” for busy morning is making a big pot of oatmeal on Sunday’s and distributing them for the week, or make eggs the night before and have enough for at least 2 days. A boiled eggs or two goes a long way! But my quick go to hacks are oatmeal or eggs

Quirilo S.
Hi, if you have busy mornings and you do want to have a breakfast, you could make the breakfast the night before and then save time in the morning.

Lucas C.
Keep a few cereal bars to grab in a pinch, they are great for busy morning and full of energy! Just be careful to get good (or homemade) ones not full of sugary things that will make you crash later.
I find that a fruit also comes in handy in a pinch.

Frederik C.
i try to have healthy nut muffins and a quick fruit to grab in the mornings! sometimes making food gives me a bit of much needed motivation, so i’ll make an egg with toast!

Sally Z.
Yes,I actually have,if you don't have time to eat in the morning make sure you always have some fruits on your table and just grab one or two as you walk outside. Than,great thing is to prepare night before your lunch box with some healty ingredients (fruits,yogurt, granola,vegetables,etc.).One great snack that I usually buy is student mix (dried grapes and peanuts),or you should go with almonds,walnuts,dried fruits… make sure you don't eat too much one handful is totally ok.

Edileusa B.
I prepared some nuts & oat bars in advance (you can store them for up a month) and I simply grab one of them when I don't have time for a more peaceful breakfast

Ilja T.
If I know I Will be in a hurry, I usually make overnight oats, with frozen berries and chiaseeds, in a jar with a lid, the night before. Then I can just grab it from the fridage and eat it in class or in the train.

Chrystalleni Q.
I personally prefer to wake up earlier than i should to be sure i have a proper breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of anyone's day. I usually have a cup of coffee and eat oats, resins and nuts with milk or a slice of whole wheat bread woth peanutbutter and resins. When i'm in a real hurry i just eat some rasins and have my coffee to go. But these busy mornings are the worst cause then i have a difficulty to be positive and hardworking.

Karen J.
My go-to breakfast when I don't have much time is a banana and peanut butter smoothie: 1 banana, 1tbsp no-sugar peanut butter (preferably the whole nut kind), and roughly half pint/250ml of soya or almond milk. Blitz it well and you're ready to roll. You can even take it to go.
The best thing I ever bought is smoothie blender… that or Stella McCartney boots 😁

Elise U.
The best hack I’ve come up with is over night oats. You put oats, milk of some kind, fruit… the possibilities are endless… into a mason jar and in the fridge overnight.
Come the morning you can grab it throw it in you bag and eat wherever your destination may be.

Clara C.
Fruits are really the best breakfast! I actually really love pancakes too. I like to eat very little portions early in the morning and my stomach is the most sensitive at that time. So the best for me is a bowl with yogurt, fruits and honey!

Iohana Z.
My go-to breakfast every morning is one slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter. I fold the bread in half and wrap it in a paper towel so I can eat it on the way to work. It's filling enough to get me through about 4-5 hours of my morning!

Derrick U.
Protein breakfast shake
1 serving of protein shake
1 serving of vitamin supplement
2 shots of restore
1 tablet of probiotic

Afra F.
Busy mornings I have something that will last like porridge!! I find I stay fuller longer and have more energy . Milk fills me up and honey and sultanas for that energy/sweet taste!

Harold O.
When I don't have time to make breakfast I just make a toast with egg and I just eat that. If I know that I won't have time for breakfast the night before I would make a sandwich with toast, cheese and walnut and put it in the fridge.It takes less than 2 minute in the morning to eat.

Mehdi F.
I keep a variety of breakfast foods around. I usually like things like eggs, but have some quick things like cereal around.

Gustav C.
Smoothies! My go to is Greek yogurt blended with pineapple, raspberry, blueberries and walnuts… or whatever is available

Andressa T.
I love eggs and lean turkey when I have time to make breakfast but when I don't then I tend to have frozen fruit and protein smoothie and to feel even fuller I add a handful of oats. Currently being in lockdown in the UK it's been really easy to enjoy good healthy breakfasts so I've been experimenting with paleo breakfasts and so far I've loved it.

Gilbert F.
Have something simple that you can grab and go. Like a fruit or bagel with a bottle of water. It’s easy to take and easy to eat!

Abbie E.
I personally have a easy-quick breakfast such as an apples,pears or bananas or a cereal bar but something that will fill me up or even sometimes I have a slife of toast