I prefer savoury breakfasts to sweet. What is your best suggestion for healthy, savoury breakfast?

Laurie P.
2 pieces of kelo toast with Avocado and lemon juice on one and refried beans on the other. Sometimes I have 2 scrambled eggs on the side.
Delia T.
Me, I know I prefer sweet breakfasts but I guess savoury breakfasts are better for our healthy.
After all, we must to balance everything to be healthy.
Constance C.
When you sweats as a breakfast you are gonna feel ful very soon but after a few moment your blood presure is going to drop and you will feel really hungry which leads you to eat junk foods
Cremilda S.
I had a classmate at school who would dip her boiled eggs in soy sauce. She told me to try it, and I found it to be quite good. Not bad for a very simple savory breakfast idea. Eggs in general a great go-to. Scrambled with some cayenne and dill seasoning, or an omelet with your favorite ingredients.