What should I eat if I’m planning a bigger breakfast later in the morning?

Briza P.
If you are planning a bigger breakfast, you may want to eat something healthy to help your care! You may want some fruits in it and water or something that will make you feel better for the whole day!

Ricardo U.
Protein bar
Green smoothie
One Healthy home-made muffin
One avocado toast
Banana or apple with peanut butter
Small yoghurt bowl

Alicia Y.
Usually, if late enough, I’d make it a brunch meal. Normally this would have breakfast sausages, eggs, bacon, and possibly grilled cheese. These would work well with any other kind of breakfast.

Flavie O.
I would recommend eating a little bit of everything. By everything, I mean eggs, vegetables, fruits and you can add bread or croissants.

Rasmus W.
Who says you have to eat? Why not drink coffee or a smoothie or matcha latte? The big breakfast can be your great breakfast, and whatever you need to start your day should suffice, do you think?

Gottlob R.
You should consider eggs in your breakfast as it has high protein and a lot of benefits that most people dont know, and coffee is great too so that you can focus throughout your day!

Lucas P.
I always do eggs mixed with vegan chorizo and 1 slice whole wheat toast. This way you are getting carbs, protein and a little plant based veggies. If you have no vegan chorizo a good replacement to add to the eggs is broccoli or mushrooms or both.