How do I know if I’ve gotten enough nutrients from my breakfast?

Magnus W.
There should be colorful with the colors being natural. It should have at least one fruit and some form of protein. It shouldn’t make you feel tired, you should feel revived and energized.
Anna U.
You have the energy to be able to get through the morning and day. Looking at your plate if you don't see a variety of colors you probably don't have enough fruits, veggies, protein and all of that good stuff. Make sure you're not only eating carbs but spreading the love and eating a bunch of good yummy things.
Yedidiyah N.
I feel good. I don’t feel bloated or sluggish, I feel energized. I listen to my body and how it feels after eating what I ate.
Nora Z.
You know you have gotten enough nutrients if you feel energized after breakfest. Important is for you to include healthy and energy boosting foods, (bananas, apples, papaya, mango), nuts and seeds (almond, cashew, chia, linseed), eggs, etc.. E.g. get creative and mix fruits and seeds together with oats and milk. You can also make Bircher muesli or a smoothie out of it. Make scrambled eggs. These foods are fun and quick to make. If you haven’t got enough time, prepare some of it the night before. I can assure you that it will give you enough energy for the rest of the day! Another tip from me is to drink one glass of water, as Fabulous already recommends. But I also like to drink lemon-ginger-honey tea before eating anything. It’s revitalizing and cleans out your stomach before adding anything else to it.
Claude F.
Honestly the best thing to eat at eggs with milk and bred the thing contain a lot of nutriments . Eating salade or anything that’s green is also good but highly recommend eggs and milk for the protein
Ps cheese is gray for you
Ps eat fruits for vitamin c
Heitor S.
Everybody's bodies and schedules are different so there's no one-size-fits-all approach to breakfast. That being said, I find a well- balanced breakfast to include a protein, grain, and fruit or vegetable of your choice. You know you've had a nutritious meal when you feel energized by it and not sluggish afterward.
Nathana L Z.
Before, I didn't have a breakfast cause I didn't know what to eat, but now I have a breakfast every morning with cereal and granol
Kayanat U.
I eat a healthy breakfast daily
I know that I am eating enough nutrients from my breakfast because I usually eat an egg and take milk or sometimes vegetable sandwiches, so from internet I came to know abt their nutrition level
And also it encouraged me to eat a more balanced nutrient diet
Maik C.
the most important thing is that you’re satisfied and don’t feel hungry afterwards. also make sure you don’t feel extremely full after and try grabbing a little bit of many things, it helps!