How do you make time to make sure breakfast is a great start to your day?

William E.
I plan it the night before so it'll be easier to have it in the morning. I make sure it'll be filling and satisfy my hunger until lunch time.
Pierre Q.
I wake up earlier than I would have to, so I can make myself a great breakfast that I can either eat after getting ready, or on the way, or at school.
Dooter N.
I wake up as early as 5:20am which provides me enough time for breakfast and other morning routines.
On days I don't need to start out early, I can indulge in heavy meals such as moimoi and pap, a local delicacy.
On days I need to start out really early, I go for snacks such as dried chips, wafers and rolls.
Diane F.
Plan your day well. And wake up early. If you have to start your day at 9am, calculate your time backwards on what time you have to wake up to ensure you have time to enjoy your breakfast, rather than have a quick fix and munch it at the last minute.