What are good options other than eggs?

Isadora S.
Assuming you mean for breakfast, a parfait with fruits and nuts would be perfect – even preferable to eggs. It tastes lovely, and you get peotein from nuts, fat from yoghurt, and vitamins from fruit!
Hannes C.
As protien specific replacements: Dehydrated vegetable protien, nuts, hummus(puree from chickpeas), beans, ligumes, tofu.
As a meal substitue for quick breakfast: fruits(apple, orange, a banana), oatmeal, grits, soup in a thermos, smoothies, trailmix(nuts and dehyradtes fruits and berries), juice, salad, etc.

As replecement binders in recipes: applesauce, flour(NOT gluten free), cornstarch, grits, breadcrumbs, animal fat, ground raw animal meat, rice flour, etc.

Crystal G.
For baking and pancakes I like to use ground flax or applesauce. For breakfast I think avocado or beans make a good substitute.
Chiara G.
Other than eggs you can eat food rich in veg proteins such as legumes, tofu or nuts. Nuts are great for your health because they are a great source of proteins and vitamines and they are really tasty ! It will be hard not to indulge with them..