What quick prep foods for breakfast keep you full the longest?

Rog Rio S.
I design my own muesli with lots of nuts and seeds, top with a banana and some berries and yogurt. It takes about 10 minutes to roast the ingredients in bulk and just seconds to prepare to eat every day!

Amar Lio O.
A toast with avocado! I add a cramble egg and some spinach on top of it! It is really delicious and high in protein! Aside of it I also eat a yogurt (also high in protein) with cereals!
I used to be hungry 2hours after eating my breakfast but with that I feel full for the rest of the morning! And it takes 10min to prepare!

Matteo O.
The best of the best of yougurt with some cereal (I prefer oak), done juice to diluite It, a fresh berries (strawberry, raspberry, …) And some crunched toasted walnuts on top!