Do you eat the same thing every day, or do you mix it up?

Monse Y.
I mix it up everyday except for breakfast. I’m a very picky eater and a vegetarian, so I eat fruit + Greek yogurt + granola every day 😄
Barbara Y.
Hey friend, so that depends. Sometimes when I’m obsessed with a certain breakfast, I eat it for a few days in a row but most of the times, I tend to change it so I don’t get bored;) have a Fantastic day and awesome life.
Jada Y.
I tend to eat the same few things in different combinations for a while, and periodically add or remove things from that set of puzzle pieces.
Jouak O.
I don’t eat the same thing everyday It is kinda boring to do so, what I do is to be creative with my meals especially with lunch
Trista O.
I do tend to eat left overs a lot. So my intention is rarely ever to eat the same meal a few days in a row but I do tend to do that as I do not want the food to go to waste. I am learning to cook for fewer people to avoid this in the future. Breakfast seems to be the only meal that is varied from day to day.
Jay G.
I usually mix between the same things. A certain type of biscuits, a certain type of tea… same goes for cereals or things baked by me. Every morning I choose two or three things among those that are always the same, so I can have a different breakfast everyday without having to go for something "too new"
Alexis W.
I have a lot of different meal plans and I just make sure I have the stuff to make it in the morning. So when I wake up I have a lot of different options and I can eat whatever I feel like eating.
Joe N.
Sometimes I eat the same thing everyday because of my financial situation but I think with good planning I can change my eating routine
Eldirene C.
I've been eating the same one for a while now if gives me all the energy that i need and keeps me full but i think if you're bored from what you're eating it'll definitely help to change things a little bit.
Samantha U.
I am currently on a juice diet for breakfast everyday and then in the afternoon or the evening I eat something different. I try not to give in to my cravings while doing this.
Glenda O.
For breakfast I always eat eggs. But for lunch I always mix it up, for dinner ill have the lunch leftovers or if there aren’t any i just make a sandwich.
R Mulo Q.
I mix it up …cause repeating the same thing everyday sometimes can be monotonous and moreover we all need change in our taste too
Dei N.
I try eating the same thing for a two or three weeks. Particularly because I’m teaching myself to meal prep and stick to it. Eating the same thing everyday has its advantages, like knowing what to buy, knowing what to eat/ how to cook it, and not worrying about skipping a meal or ordering out.
Nanna Y.
I try to mix it up but I have particular things I like and can eat. Eating around food sensitivities can be a challenge but instead of eggs I found a recipe called Foul from the middle east that features chickpeas and fava beans. It was originally a Ramadan food because you can eat it before sunrise and stay full most of the day.
Mercy N.
Mostly same things but I tend to mix it up once in a while. The consistency of having my go-to healthy options does help a lot. I don’t get hung up too much on decision fatigue. When there are just too many options, it is possible to be so paralyzed that inaction sets in.