Ideas for easy breakfast I can prepare ahead of time that I can grab and go, other than a protein bar?

Marian X.
Overnight oats
Use any preferred milk and oat meal
Get honey, fruits, or chia seeds (optional but I highly suggest)

Put the measurements you prefer all in a mason jar at night/end of your day

Wake up, get your morning routine out of the way and grab your jar of oats on your way out the door

Constance P.
Chia pudding. Chia in almond milk /rice milk /coconut milk /cow milk/ water with a bit of maple overnight in the fridge, becomes a tasty pudding. Add whatever you feel like!
Dates, nuts, fresh fruit, dried fruit, cocoa nibs… The options are limitless!
Nicola R.
Overnight oats. Add oats and milk plus what ever toppings you like, but it in a kilner type container and into the fridge. You can make it the night before and mix and match the flavours for a different breakfast each day!
Evelina Y.
I like to make overnight oats or a double portion of oatmeal the morning before. In a glass jar, bring a spoon. Perfect.
Jonas U.
Mix of nuts
Sesame toast with banana
Fraidoux toast with eggs
Take some time to make
– Bsisa with some oats flaxseeds and chiaseeds
– oats with nuts and all seeds
Hannah L.
Leave oats to soak in apple juice or pineapple juice overnight and add a few sultanas. Take out with you and eat cold. Or breakfast muffins, put cooked bacon/tomatoes/onoon/sausage/whatever you like in a cake case and fill with whisked egg. Bake for 10 ish mins and leave in a tub in the fridge. Take a few with you in a rush in the morning- also a good breakfast for babies/kids
Rebecca U.
The night before you can make a parfait in a close able container (layer yoghurt, fruit, nuts or whatever you want) and store the parfait in the fridge and just take it to go when you’re ready. You can also just make a smoothie the night before and take that or you can make a fruit bowl, so many options!!!
Michaela E.
banana, pre-made smoothie you made the night before (just make sure you stir it up before drinking), apples and peanut butter, fruit bowl