How do you make sure you’re eating a variety of vitamins, protein, etc?

Amazin Q.
Well i get up at 9:00 then I cumb my hair brush my teeth and wash my face make sure I look nice and then I drink my water and at 11:00 i get starwberrys and blackberrys and sometimes grape was then put them in a bowl and eat then and then I eata natural valley bar.

Darrell S.
A way you can make sure talkative you’re eating variety of vitamins, proteins and etc is to not eat the same thing every day and eat different things every day.

Cassi J.
My husband is a chef and has introduced me to vegetables, I didnt eat them at all before. We eat homeade from scratch about 85% of the time. I also take a prenatal vitamin.

Constance T.
I calculate and document my daily intake and I make it a priority every day. Not an expert but I commit to doing quite a bit of research because I had to make my health a priority.

Tilde W.
I am trying to eat both animal-related proteins like eggs, meat or fish and plant-related ones like spinach, peas or white beans. Always remember about nuts and peanuts as these are full of good fats. And of course add some carbs, but not the sugars.

Ilhan Q.
I'm sure of it because I eat a large variety of fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, but also proteins like legumes and eggs. I think my diet is healthy and balanced and except for a few changings it's really good.

Lukas W.
I don't. I just make sure I eat enough food, drink enough water and try to eat at least one fruit everyday. I don't stress myself thinking about cutting out fats snacks or junk food. I just try not to over do them and believe 8in myself that I've met my goals.

Fayana T.
I eat a lot of starch for breakie because I am a teen and I need that source of energy but I also eat veggies and protein like chicken too. I find it better to eat alot in the morning because when I eat light meals I get hungry quickly and buy unhealthy snacks from the canteen so I ear heavy for breakfast and lunch then eat a light dinner so I can sleep better

Brittany E.
By making a Food log, writing a grocery list, writing a list of thing's that agree with your stomach if certain thing's upset your tummy, and just staying consistent in how much of something your eating. Eating a balanced meal. Home cooked meals are most likely better than fast food restaurants in the long run. Discover new recipes and create new dishes.

Suki N.
I eat fruit in breakfast and try to balance my day with some fish , I have to work on eating more veggies but it is what it is