Do you think it’s enough just to eat a healthy breakfast or is it more about taking time to prepare it and eat it mindfully?

Letitia R.
Absolutely you get more enjoyment when you eat slow and pay attention to flavor and texture. It helps me not to overeat when I eat mindfully.
Dana X.
I think preparing the breakfast just as mindfully as you eat enhances the healthy emphasis of a healthy breakfast for sure. I feel like there’s not enough meditation that occurs in the day, especially for some of us who have mindless occupations that lead to stress and the feeling of a lack of purpose. Making sure that you have that substantiated meditation while nourishing your body could be that step in securing the positive note to your day and making sure that you stay level in the face of oncoming/incoming oppositions.
Sara Q.
I think being aware that it is a healthy breakfast and eating mindfully will help you appreciate and stick to your goals but you dont necessarily have to "take your time". some of us dont have alot of time in the morning
John U.
I feel like the process of eating and drinking coffee is part of my mindful routine. Looking at the news, new dogs on Reddit and enjoying my coffee somehow prepares me for the day and helps me get less distracted later because I have read what is on Reddit etc
Kirk P.
I think initially, just to eat the breakfast but hopefully it will transform into a habit where you can relax and be more mindful
Joris O.
Mindful eating is an essential part of healthy eating. Of course, if you're short on time, eating a healthy breakfast while on the go is better than no breakfast or an unhealthy breakfast.
Pl Cida Z.
I’m guessing from the way this question is worded that it’s supposed to be more, but honestly, it feels like a win just having something other than coffee in my system in the morning. Will become happier with the prep overtime I’m sure.
Ulrike U.
Mornings are a rush and I'm not a morning person to begin with. Having breakfast prepared before hand is the only way to make sure it's healthy. When it comes to eating mindfully, though, that doesn't really happen. I'm more likely to be eating while packing and getting ready to go rather than being in the moment of eating.
Adrien U.
There are breakfasts that I don’t think you can eat mindfully, like maybe beans on toast? But since I have started eating porridge every morning, I enjoy the whole process of slowly cooking and staring it, and then eating the fruits of my labour. However, some mornings, toast stuffed down my mouth is all the mindfulness I need!
L Andro I.
Yes, it’s important to plan it out to make sure it’s healthy. A complete & healthy breakfast takes time to prepare and eat.
Mindless eating is one of the reasons I overeat, so I admit I need to eat more mindfully to savor the taste of my food and eat slowly to allow myself time to get full (or at least recognize when I have fulfilled my hunger).
Jimmy Z.
i think as long as you eat a healthy homemade breakfast your ok. just know what your eating and make sure your ok with it
Kristina X.
Preparing a good p
Breakfast daily will keep you on the right track mentally and you will be more likely to take time and eat it.😎
Mille E.
It would probably be great to prepare it and eat it mindfully. For me, just making sure I ate and that the food was healthy and energizing made a big difference in my energy levels. Combined with light morning exercise right before, it’s been a game changer.
Christopher Z.
I'm struggling with this actually, as I can eat a healthy breakfast but i eat it fast or I over eat it. So maybe go slow and investigate what your doing well and where you need to improve and then slowly integrate them like the other habits.
Karsten R.
I think it's both. Having breakfast gets you there. But to be in the mindful state through drinking that water in the morning so it can hydrate you and then doing a small excercise helps.
Albert F.
The healthy breakfast helps to provide you with energy for the day whereas taking time to make the breakfast helps to bring you in the right mindset for a useful productive day
Jar F.
Even though I am not yet taking the time to be routinely mindful of my breakfast preparations I do know the importantance of expesscially in mornings to jave time to reflective and the real goal of a vreakfast routine is to make time for this i hope with time and practice I become better at this practice of mindfulness and reflection during the mornings
Tomasz E.
If you have time, I’d recommend slowing it down and enjoying it, but it’s not necessary. The necessary part is just to get your energy and nutrition into your body so you can start the day.
G Lay N.
I think just having a great breakfast is good, but if you do it mindfully it's even better. Just don't skip it because you can't be mindful at that precise time, it's better to just eat it that not at all.
R Di O.
It doesn't get fulfill ,until or unless we prepare the food soulfully.. should prepare and eat the healthy food , which gives more energy to your mind and body
Erin U.
Mindfulness is important and something we should all strive for. However when you are just starting out, any little victory is a win and a step in the right direction. When you are just starting to develop a habit, the most important thing is consistency. That probably means getting a healthy breakfast on the table in the easiest way possible, which might not include taking extra time with preparation and mindfulness. Get a healthy breakfast in your belly every day. Once that becomes a habit you won't break, add in mindfulness. You won't be sorry that you took baby steps!