What are some grab-and-go breakfasts for when you wake up late?

Clarence Z.
A cereal bar, rice cakes (Sainsburys do a delicious version that's coated on one side with yoghurt and topped with cranberry and seeds), fruit or a yoghurt. I like to keep a selection of snacks like these in my drawer at work.
Josefine X.
Breakfast burritos. If I'm ambitious I make and freeze a bunch of them, though I usually use store bought. Fruit & nuts is another good option.
Johanne P.
I’m not sure if a smoothie qualifies as grab-and-go but it works wonders for me in terms of time and a nutitious meal. You can also prepare it the night before. I also find that soaked overnight oats with a dash of cinnamon or honey with fruits is splendid. I’m sure they are lots more but Homemade oatmeal cookies are a wonder. Enjoy!
Edelmira S.
When I'm late I can just throw a sweet potato into the microwave for a few and eat in on the way to work. Healthy, hot and easy.
Emma Y.
A healthy nut mix! High fat and protein is filling for an on the go morning.
Laura Q.
Some protein snack bars or juice, will compensate for missing the breakfast. But can't replace it and we need to try to have breakfast as it's the most important meal of the day.
Ma Lys A.
On the weekends, I hard boil some eggs to have on hand throughout the week. They keep longer in the shell, but you can shell a couple each night to have really quick portable eggs ready to go.
Ronnie U.
Breakfast sandwiches or wraps are my go-to. Fried egv with avacado and spinach on toast or a wrap are quick amd easy. If I'm really pressed for time some fruit and a gluten free cereal bar works.
Delmiro O.
At the beginning of the week I try to make ahead some breakfast burritos and keep them in the fridge or freezer for when I'm in a rush. If I haven't been that organized ( which definitely happens) I'll grab a yogurt and a piece of fruit or some fruit and a handful of nuts.
Logan J.
Have some preboiled eggs in the fridge. Fruit, nuts, seeds and yoghurt, overnight oats or chia pudding with fruit, nuts etc.
Jacob Y.
Bananas are great, toast eaten on the run is also good. A protein shake would make a quick breakfast. Yoghurt handy would help. A cheese sandwich without butter, just slap cheese on bread. Tin of corn or baked beans cold is handy. A container of Up and Go.