Some say fasting and skipping breakfast helps lose weight and others say eat breakfast. Which is it?

Edin Ia Q.
I don’t eat breakfast but it is better to eat your breakfast. I personally think that if you don’t eat your breakfast you’ll lose weight.
Poppy Q.
I think that you should eat breakfast every morning because it will give you energy for your coming day. Without breakfast, you can feel sluggish and tired all day. If you eat a low calorie, high energy breakfast, not only are you preparing your body for the day but you will probably not gain any weight as a result of the low calories.
Lucas C.
Eating healthy breakfast is crucial for health as it fuels the body throughout the day. It also gives a sense of satisfaction with great start of the day.
Ella Y.
No, breakfast is the important meal of the day! It's better to skip dinner or just eat little to dinner but never skip breakfast pls!!