What’s a good before school breakfast?

Joseph B.
I always make some hot tea. Preferably green tea. Then there is this new habit of making a smoothie bowl out of frozen fruit and soy-based yoghurt and i top that off with seeds and some fresh fruit.
Martha B.
TBH what I have for breakfast when going to school is Egg on bread with milk. It sounds pretty boring but it's way too healthier than u think. The combos give many nutrients to ur body. But if u don't like this breakfast i reccomend have a smoothie with oat meal or corn flackes, or maybe waffles, it can be pancakes too!! As u wish…..but make them a bit more healthy!
Alexander G.
The best thing you can do before going to school is a 10 minutes training, warm up your body makes your brain feel freeeeee 😍
Judith Y.
Well I get up earlier than I need to just in case I want to do my hair or something but if I don't then I make 2 eggs and eat a piece of toast or bread with it another thing I like that doesn't take much time is a bag of nuts like the snack packs you can buy at the store
Melissa P.
Usually when I eat a normal breakfast my stomach hurts a lot during school so usually I just take and avocado and smush it on some bread. This gives you some energy and it is really delicious
Charlotte W.
In my opinion the best classic before school breakfast is some oatmeal. You can always add any toppings you want and you will never get tired of it! Fruits, nuts, chocolate- chose any and add to your breakfast that will fuel your day and boost your positivity. Have a great day!
Harper N.
I think fruit, nuts and coffee are the best breakfast ever! they give you energy all day long and you won't feel hungry if you eat them. Keep improving!
Heidelinde O.
I think is milk or orange juice with a toast or some eggs with cheese and vegetables and also some sweet bread with honey and cinnamon
Irlanda P.
Scrambled or fried eggs are fast and healthy. If you have a overflow coffee maker then you can brew some on the evening and in the morning just warm it up. Prepare a smoothie or a fancy sandwich in the evening before to save time. Yoghurt with granola or with a teaspoon of jam is also fast and yummy. Get creative!
Freja E.
Ask yourself A question
"what you do anything ??"
Why you do ??
Is important for me ??
After getting answer
Do any work by good mind-set
Joseph B.
Ready brek porridge with cold hazelnut or coconut milk, fresh strawberries & banana with agave syrup & chia seeds on top 😋
Dale O.
قبل از صبحانه مدرسه یکم نرمش و رسیدن به آرامش عالیه و این که کمک کنه حالت خوب بشه و نرمش کم و اگر زمان کم بود یه صبحانه ی سطحی هم خوبه فقط سعی بشه با شکم خالی نریم بیرون
Byron S.
From personal experiences, I think a breakfast that is nutritious and filling (not to mention quick to eat) is best for school. Based on you preferences and what’s available to you, you can choose what specifically.
Jordina Q.
I really like sandwiches. Hot ones or just a simple one. Sometimes if I have more time I eat boiled eggs, cheese, ham with bread and lots of vegetables.
My new favourite go-to is oatmeal! You should try it! I eat it once with a variety of fruits and now I am loving it!!
Sofie E.
A good, before school, breakfast would be a small amount of food, like eggs. If you don't want anything greasy, then go for a fruit. Eating heavy in the morning will make you feel drowsy and lazy, which will make you lose focus on your school work. I read an article/letter from Fabulous about breakfast, saying that an apple would be enough to sustain you throughout the morning, and it did work for me! Fruits have vitamins that the human body needs and what better way to start your day, than having a nice fruit in the morning.
Lison Y.
Oatmeal or buckwheat! Make it the evening before using instrument from the internet, then enjoy with different toppings! Personally, I eat buckwheat with a bit of butter and some salt. Depending on my mood, I add milk, cheese, nutella, or berries to my oatmeal!
Noah C.
Dark bread with some veggies and slice of cheese or lean meat. For a drink I like black tea, it gives me energy for lessons
Lucy E.
Cook some oats in the microwave (refer to the instructions on the packet). Get a bunch of fruit (cut things that are not small) and mix it in with oats. Put some peanut butter or something if you would like. Or some ground flaxseeds. That is an amazing breakfast.
Joseph B.
As for me, the best breakfast is an omelette with sausages, or sandwiches, also the bananas are a nice thing to choose for the breakfast, because they give you a lot of Calories 🙂