Do you guys have any quick healthy breakfast ideas?

Christy U.
A hard boiled egg and a latte is always handy and easy and if you have a bit more time you can slice it and eat on a toast with some cheese spread or mustard.
Aureliz U.
That's a very good question. It's important to have a healthy breakfast. My recommendation would have to be a yogurt bowl. It's simple and only takes five minutes top to make. Add some granola and strawberries or blueberries even bananas.
Erik Z.
Porridge oats, microwaved with milk, or even the plain packeted type is quick and healthy. Add fruits (blueberries, strawberries, banana all work well), honey, whatever else makes it interesting for you. Just make sure you enjoy what you have for breakfast!
Aylin N.
You can make toasts with avocados,butter, cottage cheese, or even bananas! It depends on your preference and creativity. Enjoy your healthoasts (healthy toasts, yes, I made a pun)!
Laura F.
I'm not big on breakfast either so what's working for me at the moment is boiled eggs and toast with cheese or instant oatmeal and fruit. Maybe a banana or grapefruit.
Keishaun N.
I live in the Caribbean, a quick breakfast is something littleness cooking time and as natural as possible. So we make our bread on Sundays for the week to come. On the mornings I usually have a few slices of bread ( whole wheat), bowl of oatmeal ( little sugar as possible), herbal tea( home grown herbs). And a fruit half hour after. I leave for work at 8am and Thisbe hold me out until about 3:30pm with no snacks in between.
Karl Ernst O.
I like breakfast burritos. Large flour tortilla, two scrambled eggs, and whatever else you want in it. I cook the eggs in a pan and then add in bell peppers, onion, beans, and cheese.
Yasmin F.
I have a quick breakfast of yogurt, a granola bar, and a piece of fruit. It takes no time to prepare and lets me start my day full of energy and free from hunger and fatigue
Fatima N.
Oatmeal is the best healthy quick option. Mix some oats with milk, slice a banana and put it on top, and don't forget to add a spoon of peanut butter. You'll get protein from the milk and the oats, carbs from the banana, and healthy fats from peanut butter!
Insa N.
I love eating Müsli with milk and a small cut Apple in the Morning. Müsli is a mixture of oats, nuts and dried fruits and you can easily mix a big bunch at once, so you only have to put it in a bowl, cut an apple and pour in milk in the morning. It keeps me full and happy for hours 🤗
Jasmin Q.
Oatmeal is quick and you can add so many different things to it, so it's less likely you'll quickly get bored of this breakfast (e.g. fruits, seeds, cinnamon, chocolate, nuts etc.)
Margit B.
For me, a quick, healthy breakfast today were just yesterday's left overs. I find it easier to get enough protein this way to help me through a long night shift. I'm a vegetarian and do eat eggs on occasion, but I stay fuller and happy much longer if I eat, for example, Spinach Dal or Chili. Falafels are so easy to eat when you're on the go.
Sacha I.
Yes, I like to eat millet its like food for birds but its healthy i but some banana's in it and some chocolate and sometimes half of apple it make me full and uts easy to make…