I usually work out before breakfast. Is it okay not to eat anything and do exercise?

Naina P.
First, without any exceptions drinking water is compulsary. Before the workout, drink warm water.
Now, if you are doing any calm workout like one without weights and doing yoga, then it's all right.
But, if you are doing vigorous activities, especially in the sun, you must not do it empty bellied. Eat honey water before that or one spoon peanut butter. This food keeps you going and prevents you from fainting. Also, if you are going to the gym, you must eat either of these.
Neil P.
Yes, as long as it is comfortable for you. By doing so, you're actually extending your overnight fast (time without eating). Science has shown that in a fasted state, our bodies learn to burn fat more efficiently, as well as support healthier cell functioning. So, by waiting to eat till after you work out, you may actually be giving yourself extra benefits beyond just eating a good breakfast and exercise! Of course, everyone is different, so listen to your body and consider talking to your doctor about the best practices for you.
Aevin G.
Yes fasted exercise can actually help and I notice more energy when i am just a little hungry instead of after just eating
Barbara T.
Of course. I do yoga is the mornings and I have breakfast after doing it. In yoga there's a rule of not eating preferably 2 hours after a meal. It's not good to work out and strain yourself while you are digesting and you have food in your tummy I've read about this several times from several sources.